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Discussion: Results and brackets

in: Sprint the Golden Gate (Dec 12–14, 2014 - Sausalito, CA, US)

Dec 13, 2014 4:08 AM # 
Splits are up for Stage One. Again, I think the results are fully representative despite the disorganization. Patrick is working on the brackets; I think we aren't placing/seeding Ali but are going to seed all of the remaining 35 people.
Dec 13, 2014 4:10 AM # 
P.S. The Black Point is the original name for Fort Mason, but also where I was today. Thanks to Rex and Beatrice for initiating my return journey.
Dec 13, 2014 5:57 AM # 
Nooo, please do seed me!
Dec 13, 2014 6:29 AM # 
Pink Socks:
You're seeded!
Dec 13, 2014 1:17 PM # 
I can't get Patrick's file out of my phone, but should be able to update the start times on Event Register (and drop a link here) before I leave shortly.
Dec 13, 2014 11:37 PM # 
Pink Socks:
Will Enger
Rex Winterbottom
Martin Jullum
Mikkel Conradi
Ali Crocker
Nadja Rutz
Dec 14, 2014 3:37 PM # 
Will Enger won the Final. Mikkel was ahead at the spectator CP 3/4 of the way to the finish. Ali claimed first female, third overall. Rex was the first Master and Marie-Josee, the first female Master. Steve Gregg won the Supervets.

In all, a good set of Sprints according to the participants. Two brand new maps, challenging Sprint navigation, winning times hit dead-on. Major schedule slippages on Saturday, mostly rectified by the end of the day. One slightly misplaced CP at Stage Three, off by 14 m on the next tree. One stolen SPORTident (after all but one Sprinters came through).

Today's race at Point Bonita is canceled to prevent damage to coastal vegetation after the rain. We are headed to Sacramento for their event, I will post more results and updates when we get back.
Dec 14, 2014 7:08 PM # 
For the 'stolen' SportIdent I would go back and look on the ground. I remember punching at least one of them on the ground.
Dec 15, 2014 12:07 AM # 
No, stolen, seen in possession of an indigent, who was confronted to no avail.
Dec 15, 2014 1:26 AM # 
And it was not possible to track said indigent and call for backup?
Dec 15, 2014 2:27 AM # 
SFPD gave us an hour estimated response time. It was dark and I also had left my headlamp at home. So we called it a day (and a written-off unit).

Last year we succeeded in this very situation because there were a lot of us and it was daytime. Just about everyone had left this year by the time the unit was taken.
Dec 15, 2014 3:42 AM # 
Bummer. Good thing it was an old one. Got any stage 4 splits?
Dec 15, 2014 5:08 AM # 
Or stages 2 and 3?
Dec 15, 2014 6:06 PM # 
Old ones cost the same as new ones to replace, sadly. The innards of the large ones you get now are the same as the innards of the smaller new ones, plus a bigger battery.

I am working on the results and will have something this evening. For the record, the Middle was unaffected by whatever problems we had and should be ranked.
Dec 16, 2014 3:03 AM # 
Mailé went out and found the SPORTident this evening. It didn't go far. Usually it's in the closest dumpster, but in this case there was no dumpster close by.

I am still working on the results. Does anyone know of a clean way to delete a split (from everyone on the course)? I have MeOS, so it can't be done in the application, it should be done with the XML output.
Dec 16, 2014 4:11 AM # 
I've done it from within OE, but never actually edited the .xml file.
Good news on the lost SI unit.
Dec 16, 2014 3:10 PM # 
Ah, I didn't know about the big battery option. I figured it would be desirable to replace a big one with a small one, but I guess that's not necessarily true.
Dec 16, 2014 6:09 PM # 
There are various XML editors that should allow you to delete a particular node. An XSLT script would be the elegant way to do it, but I haven't written any XSLT outside of a class, so it would take me longer than with an editor.
Dec 16, 2014 6:18 PM # 
Keep the split in the results and just set the split time to 0:00. Then subtract the original split time from the total time. That would be an easy XML edit. It would work well for RouteGadget, too.
Dec 16, 2014 8:49 PM # 
Luckily the rain seemed to scatter the degenerate folks that had been lurking while I was trying to find it on Saturday. It wasn't too far off course in the bushes. Bu and Shaggy (dog companions) were helpful finding it in the dark.
Dec 17, 2014 11:59 PM # 
I put up the Splits for Stages Two through Four and the Middle. The rest of data will come soon, including plain-text Tournament results.
Dec 19, 2014 6:00 PM # 
The results for interval-started races are up. Still have to do Tournament results and RG.
Dec 20, 2014 8:59 PM # 
So, here's how it all came down a week ago.

Stage Two: Point Lobos
Map by Bill and Heidi Cusworth, course by Vladimir G
(In parentheses): Original seed

Heat 1

1 (1). Will Enger 15:14
2 (13). Tori Borish 18:09
3 (12). Russell Porter 22:37
4 (24). Marie-Josée Parayre 25:58
5 (36). Gavin Wyatt-Mair 26:03
(25) Julia Doubson DNF

Will wins and advances to the Antelopes. Tori also to Antelopes with 5th-best overall time. Russell to Badgers as third; Marie-Josée and Gavin W-M also to Badgers based on time. Julia to Cheetahs.

Heat 2

1 (11). Mark Prior 20:00
2 (14). Gavin Willams 20:57
3 (26). John Crowther 21:26
4 (23). Gina Nuss 21:53
5 (35). Amy Winston 36:11
(2) Will Hubsch DNS

Mark wins and advances to the Antelopes. Gavin W and John Crowther to the Badgers as second and third. Gina also to Badgers based on time. Amy to Cheetahs.

Heat 3

1 (15). Nadja Rutz 19:04
2 (22). Deron van Hoff 20:01
3 (27). Nik Weber 23:19
4 (34). Sue Kuestner 25:06
(10) Brendan O'Brien DNF
(3) Erin Schirm DNS

Nadja wins and advances to the Antelopes. Deron also to Antelopes with 10th best time. Nik to the Badgers as third, Sue to Badgers based on time. Brendan to Cheetahs.

Heat 4

1 (9). Rex Winterbottom 20:16
2 (33). Ralph Lindzon 28:08
3 (16). Mailé Thompson 48:02
(28) John Campbell DNF
(4) Matej Šebo DNS
(21) Rosalind Hussey DNS

Rex wins and advances to the Antelopes. Ralph and Mailé to the Badgers as second and third. John Campbell, who sadly forgot to clear his SPORTident, to Cheetahs.

Heat 5

1 (5). Mikkel Conradi 17:17
2 (8). Martin Jullum 17:17
3 (20). Patrick Nuss 20:17
4 (17). Steve Gregg 21:15
5 (29). Teija Lehmuskoski 26:28
(32) Clare Durand DNF

Although Mikkel and Martin tied in the one-second-precision SPORTident results, Mikkel was actually at the Finish unit first, so he is the winner and advances to the Antelopes. Martin also to Antelopes with fourth-best overall time. Patrick to the Antelopes as well, with 12th-best and last qualifying time. Steve and Teija to the Badgers based on time, Clare to Cheetahs.

Heat 6

1 (7). Ali Crocker 17:10
2 (18). Tommy Ivarsson 18:50
3 (19). Janne Peltola 19:52
(NC) Gian-Andrin Coolen 23:44
4 (30). Virginia DeBons 33:56
(6) François Léonard DNS
(31) Allen Hubsch DNS

Ali wins and advances to the Antelopes. Tommy and Janne also to Antelopes with their 6th and 8th-best times, respectively. Virginia to Cheetahs. Gian decided to join Stage Two at the very last moment in François's slot, and wasn't intending to participate beyond Stage Two. The Executive Committee (aka Patrick) quite reasonably decided to not include Gian in the bracket seeding for Stage Three. Gian, however, is included in the final Tournament results, since he started and finished at least one of its Stages.

Stage Three: Adolph's Bathing
Map and course by Vladimir G
(In parentheses): W/S/T: Original seed; Q: Time rank in Stage Two

Antelopes 1

1 (W1). Will Enger 14:44
2 (W9). Rex Winterbottom 14:46
3 (W11). Mark Prior 14:50
4 (Q12). Patrick Nuss 15:11
5 (Q5). Tori Borish 16:06
6 (Q6). Tommy Ivarsson 16:12

Will and Rex win and place second and advance to the top heat, the Deer. The rest become Emus.

Antelopes 2

1 (Q4). Martin Jullum 12:11
2 (W5). Mikkel Conradi 12:19
3 (W7). Ali Crocker 12:24
4 (W15). Nadja Rutz 14:04
5 (Q8). Janne Peltola 14:20
6 (Q10). Deron van Hoff 15:31

Martin and Mikkel win and place second and advance to the Deer. Ali and Nadja also to the Deer with their 3th and 5th-best overall times, respectively. Janne and Deron to the Emus.

Badgers 1

1 (S14). Gavin Williams 16:33
2 (Q16). Gina Nuss 17:05
3 (Q19). Sue Kuestner 17:23
4 (T26). John Crowther 18:38
5 (Q22). Teija Lehmuskoski 19:30
6 (T16). Mailé Thompson 22:00

Gavin W, as the fastest Badger, had a chance to use the Rule of the Twist and jump a bracket to the Emus, but in order to do that, he had to beat Tommy's time, and he didn't. So Gavin W and Gina advance to the Foxes, and Sue and John Crowther do too, with their 17th and 19th-best overall times. Teija and Mailé to Gazelles.

Badgers 2

1 (Q14). Steve Gregg 16:56
2 (Q20). Marie-Josée Parayre 19:44
3 (Q21). Gavin Wyatt-Mair 20:16
4 (S33). Ralph Lindzon 20:42
5 (T12). Russell Porter 31:20
(T27) Nik Weber DNF

Steve and Marie-Josée win and place second, and advance to the Foxes. The rest become Gazelles—except Nik, who through the misfortune of his mispunch is relegated to the Hares.

Cheetahs 1

1 (Q27). Brendan O'Brien 13:54
2 (Q30). Julia Doubson 17:43
3 (Q25). Amy Winston 28:24

Brendan wins, beats the slowest Badger (Nik), and jumps the bracket to the Gazelles. Julia and Amy to the Hares.

Cheetahs 2

1 (Q29). Clare Durand 21:45
2 (Q24). Virginia DeBons 23:44
(Q28) John Campbell DNF

All of these Cheetahs advance to the Hares.

Stage Four: The Lost Herd
Map by Vladimir Zh, course by Vladimir G
(In parentheses): A/B/C: Place in their Stage Three heat; Q: Time rank in Stage Three


1 (A1). Will Enger 16:29
2 (A2). Mikkel Conradi 16:55
3 (Q3). Ali Crocker 17:20
4 (A1). Martin Jullum 17:54
5 (A2). Rex Winterbottom 18:32
6 (Q4). Nadja Rutz 24:23

Will is the winner, Ali is the best female, Rex is the best Master, Nadja the best Junior.


1 (Q8). Mark Prior 19:27
2 (Q11). Tori Borish 19:34
3 (Q9). Patrick Nuss 22:31
4 (Q5). Janne Peltola 22:50
4 (Q10). Deron van Hoff 22:50
(Q12) Tommy Ivarsson DNS

Mark and Deron did not start with the rest of the Emus, both for perfectly valid reasons that were the organizers' fault. The Executive Committee (Vladimir this time by himself) approved their insertion into the final results in accordance with their time. Because Deron and Janne didn't start at the same time, it isn't possible to tell who was 4th in the heat/10th overall.


1 (B1). Steve Gregg 23:12
2 (B2). Gina Nuss 23:16
3 (B2). Marie-Josée Parayre 23:19
4 (Q17). Sue Kuestner 23:22
5 (Q19). John Crowther 26:26
(B1) Gavin Williams DNF


1 (C1). Brendan O'Brien 20:31
2 (Q22). Gavin Wyatt-Mair 27:46
3 (Q23). Ralph Lindzon 31:17
4 (Q28). Russell Porter 37:19
(Q25) Mailé Thompson DNF
(Q20) Teija Lehmuskoski DNS

Mailé, by then the last runner in the flow, got embroiled in a battle with the indigents for CP #10, and in the meanwhile the rest of the CPs got picked up, and then it got dark.


1 (B6). Nik Weber 25:08
2 (C2). Julia Doubson 25:12
3 (Q27). Amy Winston 29:13
4 (C1). Clare Durand 29:15
5 (C2). Virginia DeBons 29:19
(Q30) John Campbell DNS

Impalas: Didn't happen.

Final standings (in parentheses this time, last year's position):

1 (6). Will Enger (1OM)
2 (19). Mikkel Conradi (2OM)
3 (–). Ali Crocker (1OW)
4 (–). Martin Jullum (3OM)
5 (5). Rex Winterbottom (1MM)
6 (–). Nadja Rutz (1JW, 2OW)
7 (–). Mark Prior
8 (–). Tori Borish (3OW)
9 (21). Patrick Nuss
10 (–). Janne Peltola
10 (–). Deron van Hoff (2MM)
12 (–). Tommy Ivarsson (3MM)
13 (20). Steve Gregg (1SVM)
14 (23). Gina Nuss
15 (22). Marie-Josée Parayre (1MW)
16 (–). Sue Kuestner (1SVW, 2MW)
17 (24). John Crowther
18 (17). Gavin Williams (1JM)
19 (–). Brendan O'Brien
20 (34). Gavin Wyatt-Mair (2SVM)
21 (–). Ralph Lindzon (3SVM)
22 (–). Russell Porter
23 (–). Mailé Thompson
24 (–). Teija Lehmuskoski
25 (–). Nik Weber
26 (–). Julia Doubson (2JW)
27 (–). Amy Winston (3MW)
28 (35). Clare Durand
29 (29). Virginia DeBons
30 (–). John Campbell
31 (–). Gian-Andrin Coolen (2JM)

Methinks Patrick the Pink Socks gets the most-improved prize! Will and Patrick and Gina and quite a few others of our regulars have been focusing on Sprints, and it clearly shows.

All of those on this final list should get a credit day for Saturday.

Working on RouteGadget.
Dec 24, 2014 6:29 PM # 
RouteGadget is finally done.

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