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Discussion: Translation from the Italian?

in: Charlie; Charlie > 2015-10-25

Oct 26, 2015 12:07 AM # 
What is "movimento intorno"? Or do you have Italian autocorrect set up on your computer?
Oct 26, 2015 12:37 AM # 
Ha ha! +1 Dennis.
Oct 26, 2015 7:07 AM # 
Fixed. I type enough Italian on my iPad that Apple has learned some of the words, and also sometimes it lapses into Italian autocorrect. Fixed now, as there was no intention to plop that phrase in there, which would more or less mean "moving around". Between clumsy fingers and autocorrect of various languages, it is pretty challenging to try to type log entries on the iPad.
Oct 26, 2015 1:58 PM # 
Peter has turned auto correct off on his phone.
Oct 26, 2015 4:06 PM # 
I have considered that. It is really a trade-off, because my clumsy thumbs punch enough wrong buttons that sometimes auto correct is good. It sure comes up with some silly stuff, though.
Oct 26, 2015 4:49 PM # 
I've thought about turning it off, too, but as Charlie says, it is very useful for people like me with clumsy thumbs, and most of the time when it puts in something you didn't mean, it's pretty funny. Most of the time, but not always: Once when Charlie and I were traveling together to WMOC in Hungary and meeting George and Leslie first in the Czech Republic, I tried to send Louise a text saying "Arrived safely in Prague", and it came out "Arrived safely in Iraq", which understandably caused some concern on Louise's part.
Oct 26, 2015 6:05 PM # 
At least with the iPad the changes appear just above the keyboard and is noticeable. While on my iMac, the change is on the screen and takes looking up from the keyboard now and then. (Touch type by look at my fingers mostly.) The other day the mac change rogaine to Romaine, as it just tried to do. I caught it but it got BillD in his reply.
Oct 26, 2015 6:54 PM # 
Maybe Romaine (or roam-aine) would be a better name for it. ;-)
Oct 26, 2015 8:02 PM # 
Worse autocorrect experience I ever had was about 37 years ago while dictating a will for a client. The steno had more experience with doctors than lawyers, so you can imagine what she did with phrase "decline the widow's right of election".*

*[A wife's right to grab a third of the bastard's estate despite his having said in his will that the mistress gets everything.]
Oct 29, 2015 7:54 PM # 
My address on my cheque-book in Ft Montgomery was Firelighters Memorial Drive. Though that was banker's error, surely.

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