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in: Mess Engineer; Mess Engineer > 2015-11-18

Nov 19, 2015 9:28 PM # 
Sorry to learn about injury - so disappointing that August event continues to haunt you!!
Very interested in your route given your detailed knowledge of the map, which is about the most diverse of the club's listing. All sorts of terrain types and so made mapping messy plus the usual clue problems - clues disappearing on the day before.We were happy that on a good day Macey would have almost got them all - I think he said he would have not bothered with 1E (which was actually set for the prams/walkers). All controls got a visitor. 1B was the contentious control - people didn't tend to go right to it and answered wrongly. Glad it was only 1 point (so were they) when the next person in the line supported the correct answer. Possibly 65- 70% people late - heat and bridge crossing time (for little map distance).
Take it easy re hip etc.
Nov 19, 2015 10:16 PM # 
Mess Engineer:
Route kept changing as I added things on.
I shouldn't have run at all but I was stubborn.

I drew an outward and inward loop but didn't join them up in the preplanning time leaving a gap of options depending on my speed.

I was still thinking about which would be inward and which would be outward but I decided to leave the return one as the most east bridge so I could drop controls if required (which it was!)

I was always going to turn around after 20 minutes regardless.
There was no way I was ever going out 3L-2B-2A as it was just too far.

1B was on the plan originally but it got dropped as I knew I was in trouble for time.

I struggled big time with clues on Wednesday but didn't intend to argue with any because I knew I mentally just wasn't there at all these past few weeks.
Rockman saw that when I hadn't cleared my stick and didn't punch the start.
I had to "come back" but barely moved so didn't waste much energy in that.

I struggle clues on 'corners' like 2G, 2H and 1D as it is so hard to see where the centre of the dot is.

I thought 2C letterbox was faded green rather than blue.
But it definitely wasn't red or white so I chose the correct one.

Thanks for all your efforts.
Whichever combination we use (ie Lorn-Maitland or Maitland) the divided nature of the map plus the very odd street configuration means it will always be a challenge.
Nov 20, 2015 1:10 AM # 
2C - ah yes that was a last minute replacement for something that had disappeared as was 1B. I didn't actually go to 2C ever as it was added as the clues went to printer - 4 days after I'd done a "final" check of all clues by myself. I wasn't going to drive to Maitland again for 1 clue so i trusted - but as you (and most others rationalised) it wasn't red and it wasn't white so it's the other one!!!!!
I too have trouble with corners and hope that the numbers on the streets are significantly different to rule something out. Not being defensive but I think the circles were pretty good this time - but on some others I'm unsure.
macey enjoyed the 3L-2B-2A -1A(?) section as the runners can just wind up and go - I hate them!!!! BUT as Nicole said and as is obvious (NOW) there are groups of 10-11 points eg that run, around the Start ie S of railway and a passage just to the W of the centre of the map and the patch based around the oval - but she said she was the 'dumb' one who went all the way over to that NW group and had to drop closer groups of same points.
My fav controls - Helyhurst - 3L for its name; 3E because we knew we'd catch some cheats there - and we did (a usual loud suspect who guessed based on 2 other poles - ha ha!!), 2H because I love that letterbox and 3G because I picked all the names.
The large number of late people was purely the heat and the forgetting that the crossing of the railway line takes a lot of time though short distance on the map - up, across and around and down.
Thanks though too for your original map - which has changed quite a bit - like when we were doing BER schools in 2010-2012. I think it is the most complicated map in the Street repertoire with so many different types of areas to represent and be consistent with eg the paddocks. rockman and I had some mild disagreements over several.

Oh and you stubborn? - really?
Nov 20, 2015 4:57 AM # 
Mess Engineer:
The whirligig of a round about is going to get even more complicated by the next time the map gets used.

Unfortunately stubborn to the point of self destruction.

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