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Discussion: tnfec50m

in: Grandpa Jameson; Grandpa Jameson > 2015-11-25

Nov 25, 2015 7:22 PM # 
dude, you got a shout out in the preview on irunfar. pressure to show ;)
Nov 25, 2015 9:18 PM # 
Grandpa Jameson:
ha... thanks for the heads up. don't think i am going to make. i'm retiring from ultrarunning....
Nov 26, 2015 7:51 PM # 
do you know how many times I've heard that? not counting the dozens of times I've said it. that lower leg pain you have is really strange. some sort of compartment syndrome or something. maybe a circulation problem, or originating in your hips? is it from the pounding of running ? have you tried wearing nothing but mushy hokas like stinsons and nothing else for awhile? I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but you never know. it would give you a chance to add to your shoe collection if nothing else, ha. maybe stick to a ratio of high bike miles, low running miles? it seems to strike when you get all hyped up on running and stop riding so much. maybe you are just a low mileage running guy?
there is the short course sky running series and all that shorter trail racing stuff. that looks like fun and it looks like you have the leg speed for that stuff ?
Nov 27, 2015 1:41 PM # 
Grandpa Jameson:
G - you are spot on! my issues are definitely bone related though. my shin bone from me knee to my ankles is pretty bowed so i am guessing, and have a few doctors tell me, that running is just creating a lot of torque on my shins. so when i do start getting super amped on running i think it just becomes too much. i've actually talked to Mr. bien a bit and he has the same issue due to bowed shins. he's dealing with his 4th tibial sfx right now.

i've tried everything... building up really slowly like i did this year. i ran 40-50 mpw all through the most of the summer and have just ramped up the past couple of months. stuck with hokas thinking they were keeping me injury free when i really just want to run in nikes... and try out some of new trail shoes that are coming out. the new montrails look pretty rad.

like you said... i'm just not a high mileage guy... my body just cant take it.... or at least my shins can't. in all my years of training and racing i really can't remember having a real soft tissue injury... and had zero injuries when i was training for Ironman and trained 30 hours a week.... just crushed myself on a weekly basis... but i was riding 300 mpw and only running ~40.

if i am going to stay healthy and race the bike has to be a big part of the equation. i do like it but and am good at it.... but i love the simplicity and how much less time running takes. living out here and now living through a real winter running long year round is easier to put on the shelf and the cyclocross racing season is maybe the best in the country.

i still want to race ultras for sure and 100 is just a bucket list thing. i really want to race the hard and gnarly 50ks like the skyrunning ones. so i'm on the fence for next year now. if my shin is better in a week or two which i think it will be i am going to charge the sob100k and see if i can get the WS ticket... huge longshot. I am just going to cross train my ass of to get ready. solid lower mileage running and as much cycling as i can fit in with the weather and my mental capacity for the trainer.

if i don't get the slot or make the start line i think i am going to the 100 miler on the shelf for another year and charge the fun, hare 50ks and race my bikes.... maybe even jump into some xterra triathlons. who knows. being injured and not being able to run for months every year the last 3 years is pretty lame.

thanks for the advice and message dude.
Nov 27, 2015 8:11 PM # 
hang in there man. make it exciting by finding new alternatives (x-c skiing, fat biking, etc.) ever thought about snow shoe racing? big in Colorado. wonder if that would give the legs problems? when the trail is powder, that is a ton of work and is kinda fun. racing on those things is an aerobic nightmare. strap fi to your back and go for a snowshoe hike in the powder.
ultra's on low mileage, even 100's can be done and are done successfully. my good friend john trent ran sd 100 this summer in 22 hrs. he runs 3x a week. tuesday and thursday a 8 mile run. on saturday 25-30 trial. nothing in between days, no cross training, nothing.
as for the shoes. you should know better then to think there are any magical shoes. people wearing hokas get injured just as much as people who wear anything else. I don't know though, those new hoka road shoes look pretty cool, especially the clayton for me. looks to have some support, unfortunately, it will be a cold day in hell before I can pay $150 bucks for a pair of shoes. that means i have to wait for closeouts 2016. I have been told that hoka is making a huge push to the roads for next year.

Dec 1, 2015 1:22 PM # 
Grandpa Jameson:
thanks for advice dude. you couldn't be more right.

in my 20's before i jumped into endurance sports i snowboard 20-30 days a year and living out here and given me the itch to get back at it. I am going to look at getting some snow shoes soon too and see what that's like.

i do think with the way i'm built and my mental capacity i'd be good at 100s... i just need to make it to the start line healthy, fit, and strong... not necessarily with tons of (just running) miles in my legs. just a mix of everything.

i do know that about shoes... i think it was just good to stick with the same pairs and to mentally take that out of the equation. I do like the hoka cliftons a lot... even on the trails when it's not rocky or muddy. the new claytons look rad too... but so $$$. I love that i can get nike pegasus and wh3 for $100 or less since running warehouse always seems to have them on sale.

yeah... that montrail caldorado looks sweet!
Dec 1, 2015 1:42 PM # 
If you want to go snowshoeing ring me up. I even have extra shoes you can borrow. I also have a racing pair and the season starts soon. Hurts so good.

Snowshoe races start in Jan up at Eldora on Tuesday nights. I plan on hitting a couple of them.
Dec 1, 2015 3:58 PM # 
Grandpa Jameson:

can you recommend some good pairs?
Dec 1, 2015 7:42 PM # 
Snowshoes you say? Go on....

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