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Discussion: 500s

in: tomwcarr; tomwcarr > 2015-12-01

Dec 2, 2015 11:06 AM # 
Hey good work. So was that 500 hard and 3:30 easy recovery? Is that a lot of easy between reps or were you intent on giving the reps guns? I'm planning a 500s session this week but 10x500 with 90 secs so not quite red line.

How do you find the RP3 Vs C2?
Dec 2, 2015 7:53 PM # 
I'm borrowing workouts from The Pete Plan and this was the first one. Thus, I didn't think about it too much and just did it. However, I was generally ready to go with about 1:30 rest still to go. I'll probably end up tweaking it a bit, either upping the effort or decreasing the rest. Now I have a baseline reference.

I love the RP3. As far as dynamics ergs go, I've also tried the C2 dynamic, the Oartek Slider and would rank as follows: RP3 > Oartek > C2. I just don't like the feel of the C2 dynamic on either the drive or recovery. Also don't like that I sweat all over the fan, which is mounted under the seat. I don't understand that part of the design at all.

That said, the RP3 is a good bit more expensive and $ for $ the regular C2 static is a much better deal. Even if you believe that a dynamic erg is that much better than a static erg, it is hard for an average guy to rationally justify the 3x cost of the RP3. I had extra cash at the time so I just went for it.

The RP3 is very pretty in all its stainless steal. However, it is not as quiet as the C2. Some of the internal gearing of the RP3 is also not as smooth as the C2; you feel a touch more vibration in your hands.

The RP3 monitor software will dump a huge amount of detailed data (power, energy, position in stroke of max force, max force, etc, and all the derived quantities such as distance, distance/stroke, etc.) all on a stroke by stroke basis. Thus, if you really want to geek out, the RP3 will give you the numbers to do so. Mostly, I just want the pace/500m; don't have the time to dig farther than that.
Dec 3, 2015 9:29 AM # 
Interesting article and thanks for the link. Its actually how I approach my own erging. Speed intervals (500s), AT intervals (3x2k or 6-10 mins type intervals) and the rest aerobic distance. The difference I guess is my rest times. 1:30 after 500 and 3min after 2k. I see where greater rest means you can go harder. Good tactic for a 2k test. Start doing your pieces at your 2k target and bring the rest down over sessions.

The other bit that suprised me was a max of 25spm at the distance stuff. I generally rate 18-21.

Cheers for the feedback on the RP3. I guess we all just used C2s back when I rowed and they were put through their paces for years in the boat house with minimum maintenance. Great engineering and a home use C2 can be a lifetime purchase (I have a Model D PM4). Best bang for buck cardio equipment! I guess the cost of the RP3 didn't make commercial sense for boathouses but Gyms needing aesthetics and quality snapped them up.
Dec 3, 2015 4:47 PM # 
I agree about the lower rate for distance. I think a lot of folks, particularly those who don't row boats, tend to rate higher. They rush the slide and spin away without worrying about disturbing the land-boat and getting power per stroke. My guess is that's why he said *max* of 25.

I agree about the C2. I wouldn't even put RP3s in a gym -- simply not necessary for that crowd.

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