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Discussion: Merry Christmas you ole Finlander + OSMO Ad

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Dec 22, 2015 1:22 PM # 
James and I are going to the farm today. Chrissy stays home...has not seen my parents in around 12 years. James new girlfriend (he's only had 2 and the first one really only lasted a month last year) Judith seems to be working a minor miracle on Chrissy one day at a time.

Judith like many other girls over the years does not meet Mama's checklist of 'absolute musts'. She is black (both parents) and not a member of the church. Chrissy has tried to drive her away but James and Judith seem to be crazy about each other and the girl stands up to Chrissy in a quiet, determined way without getting into an argument. She laughs at all of James jokes and most of mine. Her dad is some sort of international pilot and her mom is an parent went to Princeton and one to Duke.

She was a soccer player but a girl purposely hit her and her knee exploded I guess...she takes hours of therapy every week and does not play anymore. I'm not sure when the injury was but I assume in the last two years. It was not 'recent'.

The weird thing is Chrissy will rail on the girl then she shows up and everything is great but an hour after she's gone Chrissy will slip back into her anti-Judith rants. I say slip on purpose because it's all some sort of chemical issues in her brain.

James drug out some old VHS tapes of him at age 2 to 4 and we saw my parents in them...they were in their early 60's so barely older than me's weird having such young parents...I almost feel like I'm catching up to them in age.

Anyway...I'm the only one of anyone I know that babbles on like this but have patience with me.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah etc etc...I have way less hours, etc but that's because I gave up on the did not stop injuries and I began to have a phobia it was causing my legs to be MORE imbalanced. I have had less tugs and strains this years...that are less severe...where I can shuffle jog at 11plus min mile without even going to walking or walk jog but even then the recovery is faster. If I was retired and ran during the day then I might add it back in...I will say my pace is slower and I've wondered if the biking actually did help me run a little faster but I'm going with the no-bike philosophy for now.

Anyway good luck to you. You might google this product...even for some of the Duluth Koski followers ( use that word on purpose due to worshipful comments they make about you at times). It's Australian and Chrissy came across it is a powder like substance in a pack size of 2 sugar packs...for some reason the stick on part is separate and like a big square put it on when you have sore spot that will not go away with ice/heat etc...theory is you have some sort of swelling and this sucks the liquid out...the next morning the powder will be mud like (often about half to a third is still powder) within the pack but I've noticed the pressure is less. Not saying miraculous but when you have a hip that is troublesome I really think it can make a difference...OSMO PATCH. It's about $3 pop...I used to use it couple of nights in a row but due to cost every month or two I'll use it on ham when it just had a nagging soreness...

Good luck. Tell Jay-man the same thing.
Dec 22, 2015 9:18 PM # 
I read that whole thing.
Dec 22, 2015 9:21 PM # 
(I was going to leave it at that last comment, just for a joke... but...)
Thanks for the well-wishing and the OSMO thing. I'll check it out.
I'm in the midst of my semester-ending grading frenzy. Unfortunately, I have zero energy these days. I just want to sleep. UGH!

More later...
Dec 23, 2015 3:05 PM # 
I had no idea I wrote that much!!!!

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