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Discussion: JD Phase 1 Week 7

in: billh

Jan 27, 2016 6:38 PM # 
the last week of base, and I'm already halfway through, geez, this has gone quick. this week calls for a 20 E + 20 M + 6 ST workout, so decided to do it on the run to metrolink, which takes me right by Moss Field, so just used the .8M to the track as a warmup, then a 20 min M run on the track, which was harder than I thought, could only hold about 8:50 pace, while had thought about doing 8:30. well, 8:50 was the M pace JD has for my current VDOT, which is about 5 pts lower than summer. the 2.5M E run to Metro was harder than I thought, but the 6 ST helped loosen up the hips, everything had tightened back up after the nice M run around the track.

I'm already reading ahead to Phase 2 to get in that mindset. One thing I gathered was that Phase 2 R workouts are not supposed to be the hardest of the season, should leave me thinking "I coulda done more" . . . so not all out. for example, the 200m repeats recommended are only 52 sec, which seems slow, but I guess just to work on leg speed and not worry about times, that will come.
Jan 27, 2016 7:52 PM # 
matzah ball:
Yeah, those 200's are just 6:56 pace. I guess its all about a slow buildup. After all, if you've been in phase 1, that's faster than any running you've done for months. Would be interesting to know if the prescribed times fall in the next phase.
Jan 27, 2016 8:41 PM # 
I'll probably vary the pace around the target pace, eg. I think I'm supposed to do 8x200m so could start out at 54, and descend in pairs to 48, eg. 54, 54, 52, 52, 50, 50, 48, 48 or go down and back up. something to make it interesting and test the waters at different speeds.
Jan 27, 2016 10:38 PM # 
matzah ball:
sounds like a good plan. good way to get feel of pacing between 10k and mile pace - amazing how much a couple of seconds in a 200 makes.
Jan 28, 2016 2:28 PM # 
Feeling the motivation to lighten up ... will make the R Workouts more enjoyable
Jan 31, 2016 8:05 PM # 
numbers for last week of base JD Phase 1 . . .

run miles: 17.21M
run time: 3:28hrs
avg HR: 135
min weight: 193.6

The Good: much more durable to injury, feel like the stride is more stable and solid and I have a foundation upon which to build Phase 2.

The Bad: chronic achilles tendonitis. at least it improves two miles into the run and is not even noticeable some runs, but is worst in the morning upon waking. but then loosens up with my normal warmup. not really sure what more I can do, at least it has not gotten worse over time, but then has not resolved.

The Ugly: body weight, continues to be an issue. I had hoped to gradually bring it down with moderate eating. small changes. I have time, but historically, I need a focused time of IF eating, which I know I can lose lots of weight in a short amount of time, of course this is not ideal or healthy, but allows me to race competitively, but then the weight comes back on eventually, then the cycle starts again. again, not sure what it takes to break this cycle. other than focused discipline, duh!

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