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Discussion: Final Results

in: Pink Socks; Pink Socks > 2016-02-05

Feb 8, 2016 6:46 PM # 
Pink Socks:
Men's League: Will

Will needs to win tomorrow to force a tie, where he'd win the 6th tiebreaker. This is exactly what happened. It helped that no other Tier 1 guys raced, but he still had to win it, and he did, by a whopping 8 minutes.

Women's League: Rebecca

The most recent rumors are that Heather is done. Rebecca wins with either a) a win, or b) a 2nd that's ahead of Marissa. Rebecca is trending positively, though. Two wins in her last two races! Rebecca won her third in a row, by 7 minutes.

Varsity Boys: Caleb

Scott needs to win tomorrow, period, because there's no way he wins a tiebreaker over Caleb. Scott is trending positively, too! Two wins in his last two races! Scott had a 2-minute lead at #8, but then lost 5 minutes at #9, so Caleb won by 4 minutes.

Varsity Girls: Tyra

Well, this certainly got interesting! Tyra won the first three races with Siri second, and then Siri won the last two races with Tyra second. Siri needs to win to force a tie, but she can actually steal it if she wins and Tyra finishes 3rd or worse. If it's Siri-Tyra again, then we have an exact tie through all 6 tiebreakers.The varsity girls run the same course as the boys, and it's a similar story here. Siri had a 2-minute lead at #8, made a 4-minute error at #9, so Tyra squeaks through with an 85-second win.

JV Boys South: Henry

Jacob, winner of the first two races, needs to win this one to force a tie. Jacob also needs Henry to finish 3rd or worse to win the tiebreak. Basically, Henry just needs a 2nd to clinch it, and he's trending well, winning three and finishing second once in his last four races. Henry crushed it, winning by 9 minutes. Jacob was 4th, 13 minutes back.

JV Boys North: Oliver

What an inconsistent bunch! Scoring-wise, Oliver is heads and shoulders above the rest (next highest is 372). He has three wins from six races, but he also has a 9th and a 14th.

Oliver has those three wins, but he has zero second places. Who has those? Sebastian has one, along with a 3rd and a 4th. But those are his only three races, so the best he can do is second for the season. Oliver mispunched, and Sebastian won by 3 minutes, which is pretty on point: Oliver is inconsistent and Sebastian is steady, but just didn't run enough races to get a better score.

JV Girls: Jessica
390 Jessica

Callie needs to win, period, and there won't be any ties if she does. She's won two of the last three she's entered. Corinne also needs to win, which would force a tie. Corinne also needs Jessica to finish 3rd or worse, so that Corinne would win the 5th tiebreaker. Jessica just needs a 2nd to clinch, as she would win the 7th (and final tiebreaker) over Corinne. Callie didn't come close, losing by 34 minutes. Corinne did win, which forced the tie, but Jessica finished 2nd, 21 minutes ahead of 3rd place, so despite Corinne winning, there wasn't much drama here.

Middle School Boys: Benjamin

Ben already had this clinched. He didn't win, but nothing really interesting happened.

Middle School Girls: Ariana

Of the three, the girl in first has the fewest wins (1), and the girl in second has zero 2nds. Weird. Basically, if any of them win, that girl wins (these girls have won 5 of 6). But if someone else wins, then it's a little more complicated.

If Zoe wins, she wins.
If Zoe doesn't win, then she needs Annika to finish 3rd-or-worse and Ariana to finish 3rd or worse.

If Annika wins, she wins.
If Annika finishes second, the she needs Zoe not to win and Ariana not to win.

If Ariana wins, she wins.
If Ariana finishes second, then she needs Zoe not to win and Annika not to win.

All 3 girls had a chance at winning this one, because all 3 had single mistakes of 11+ minutes. Of the 3, Ariana's was the smallest, and she won. She actually didn't need to win, as Zoe finished 4th, Annika 6th.

Elementary School Boys: Kyle

Kyle needs to win and Larson to finish 3rd-or-worse and Yash to finish 3rd-or-worse. Kyle goes from 4th place in the standings to season champ in the last race! Not only did Kyle win, but there were only two starts in Elementary Boys this week, and none of them included any of the other contenders. Kyle won by 20 minutes, so this one was pretty anticlimactic, actually.

Elementary School Girls: Malia

If Malia wins, Malia wins. If anything else happens, Meera wins. Malia beat Meera by 3 minutes, with a wire-to-wire win, no mistakes, and 6-of-11 fastest splits.
Feb 9, 2016 8:00 AM # 
Will COC be offering IS Champs travel grants to the class winners this year?

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