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Discussion: 4rsgold with fast & 100% safe services


Mar 1, 2016 6:08 AM # 
As players of runescape, you may take an interest in Obligatory seren spell or prayer buff request. But, have you ever thought of the differences between Quality of Life and Ninja Fixes in the game? Now, welcome to the best RuneScape gold site of runescape 3 gold cheap for useful information.

Differences between QoL and the Ninja Fixes

Quite a few people are asking questions about 'Quality of Life' and Ninja Fixes for a long time. Is there a difference between QoL and the Ninja Fixes released weekly? And, do you just want more? Ninja Fix: Changing/resorting the left click option on an item or restoring the functionality/original design of an item that was changed. Well, QoL: Anagogic Ort no longer takes up bank space or auto-fertilize with tool leprachaun or change loot beam settings for items to increase ease in identifying drops. So a conclusion can be made that Quality of Life are upgrades more "random" in feel and don't "fix" any real problem, but just make repetitive/long tasks a little less annoying. A ninja fix gets the internal mind-feel of "about time!” while QoL's mind-feel is "oh that's awesome, that'll make XXX so much better!”

Concrete details on QoL and the Ninja Fixes

To some extent, Quality of Life is equal to Streamlining the game and how you play it. Ninja Fixes is equal to Small updates to fix or renew content. Honestly speaking, Quality of Life changes are good and there isn’t a clear difference between QoL and Ninja Fixes. Quality of life fixes are ninja fixes, but not all ninja fixes are quality of life fixes. As long as the game gets improvements is all that matters, players will not compare them a lot from then.

Having read the above mentioned, you may have a new understanding of QoL and the Ninja Fixes
in Runescape. So, whether you compare them or not, they still play an important role in the game. And what you should do is to strike a balance between them and enjoy your game to the max. Besides, if you need to 4rsgold RS Gold cheap, is you best choice where you can get your needs accompanied with fast & 100% safe services.

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