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Discussion: Training

in: brycec; brycec > 2016-03-08

Mar 8, 2016 2:26 PM # 
You are back to full steam training? That's good it is always hard in the first year in the first baby... would be good mtbo season!
Mar 9, 2016 1:51 AM # 
Let me get a bit of consistency first before I say yes to that :)
Mar 9, 2016 6:40 AM # 
Ori & Bryce are you doing the Bibra Lake event, not seen your entries come through yet?
Mar 9, 2016 6:43 AM # 
That's the orienteering way.
Mar 9, 2016 6:44 AM # 
Ori and Bryce need the approrpiate 'leave pass' before anything can happen.
Mar 9, 2016 6:46 AM # 
I was going to but going to do 6hr instead. Leave pass wasn't required and it was in my calendar - but brownie points for me staying home and giving Emma the ability to go out whilst I miss an mtbo event.

incidentally would love to get the map just to go do a stop around at some point.
Mar 9, 2016 6:48 AM # 
Yeah good luck with that. If we run out of maps on the day there'll be no more.

Also there is no 'instead' - they are at different times :-) Even I'll make it to both and I'm organising the dumb things.
Mar 9, 2016 7:12 AM # 
let me rephrase - instead of destroying myself at MTBO and having a lack luster rogaine I am foregoing the MTBO to be able to destroy myself at the rogaine.

I am sure there is an electronic version handy which I can beg for :P
Mar 9, 2016 7:17 AM # 
You will never be in the HardMan category if you don't destroy yourself at two events in one day :P Not even going to the gym can rectify that.

Who are you doing the rogaine with?
Mar 9, 2016 7:19 AM # 
Oh, I've sent the map to your email address. It's glimmerofhope at bryce dot com isn't it?
Mar 9, 2016 7:28 AM # 
You will never be in the HardMan category.

Mar 9, 2016 7:34 AM # 
Is there a HardWoman category?
Mar 9, 2016 7:37 AM # 
Time to reinvent the Killamunda Challenge, MTBO @ Bibra Lake > ride to the Rogaine and then > just do it.
Mar 9, 2016 7:42 AM # 
I am quite capable of doing both but my teammate would like me to taper as he wishes to run during the 6hr. - like taking 6hr srsly or something :P I was trying to convince him to do the 6hr as an mtbo.

quick i better go buy that domain!

DIY hardman challenge - sounds good to me.
Mar 9, 2016 7:57 AM # 
No, I just don't want to either dawdle around the 6hr or tow your ass for 5 hours to maintain a decent speed. :p
Mar 9, 2016 8:21 AM # 
Gym isn't real training, it's just mirror-assisted narcissism.

Potentially it can be an adjunct to proper training via MSK rehabilitation and rebalancing, strengthening... but on its own...pah!
Mar 9, 2016 8:23 AM # 
:) I was waiting for your disapproval for a week an a half :)
Mar 9, 2016 8:25 AM # 
im still waiting for you to point out I have skipped straight to hypertrophy and will likely stay there.
Mar 9, 2016 8:57 AM # 
There's no trophy - hyper or otherwise - at the 6hr but MTBO has prizes.
Mar 9, 2016 11:35 AM # 
To know you'd skipped straight to hypertrophy, we'd actually have to click on the link to look at your training session.
Gym training is fine. Unless you're actually trying to run /ride / paddle faster or longer ;)
Mar 9, 2016 12:21 PM # 
Yeah true it's an assumption I had made :)

I would debate that gym training would aide in getting faster.
Mar 9, 2016 12:51 PM # 
Nowhere near as much as riding a bike will help you ride faster, running will help you run faster, and paddling will help you paddle faster.

Exactly what are you doing in your gym sessions that is specific to any of these activities, or for that matter, the energy systems that you will use if you are running/riding/paddling for more than 15-20 minutes continuously?

Yes, top runners do resistance training, but it is supplementary to a truckload of running, and aimed at very specific things (and heavy weights and getting big muscles are not those things). Ditto for cycling / paddling.
Mar 9, 2016 2:30 PM # 
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest pretender of all?
Mar 9, 2016 2:31 PM # 
Ohh there is pre-rego? I should do it soon..
Mar 10, 2016 12:12 AM # 
No no, pre-tender, not pre-rego.
Mar 10, 2016 6:14 AM # 
Ori's comment is as specific to this thread as Bryce's training is to cycling Strava segments
Mar 10, 2016 6:37 AM # 
Only because this thread has had so many topics that it's kind of hard to remember that the Bibra Lake event has been mentioned many times.
Mar 10, 2016 8:25 AM # 
Good observation

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