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Discussion: James

in: Bags

Mar 26, 2016 1:12 AM # 
He continues to have the Bagwell curse...he is going have to have right knee scoped for some cleanup was his left shin that cracked and nearly broke off last year...tibia...guess he favored it too much. He said he never really got back to 100% before it started swelling. Doc was surprised he made most of the season on that knee...

I ended my HS career on same scholarships...nothing. All the hard work wasted...but then 5 years later I was at OU and ended up doing some pretty good road stuff at least...I believe he will still do something in college in a year or two...
Mar 26, 2016 1:14 AM # 
He is going to the Tulsa area with Chrissy and his girlfriend to buy a suit for the prom...I have no idea why they are going up there...Chrissy is really hard on him but then he can talk her into some things I would never go for...but I stay out of it...I'm only his dad and she goes berserk if I get involved with him without 'her permission'.
Mar 26, 2016 1:17 AM # 
Anyway I run with no key. Have opener keypad on garage door and keep key in a bucket...I used to try to run with key and got sick of it...anyway for some reason he took the bucket inside and also locked the door...I had to break a window to get was broken of the dual panes and we kept putting off getting it about a mess cleaning up the glass...horrible...

I would say that might the first dumb thing that James has ever done...he's a good kid really reliable and really good natured. In spite of two idiot a bigger idiot than the other...I'll let you guess who I would vote for...
Mar 26, 2016 2:29 PM # 
How do you foresee life with Chrissy after James leaves? Seems like he is her raison d'etre. (fancy use of French phrase eh?)
Mar 26, 2016 3:46 PM # 
I am so retarded. I wrote a brilliant reply and then forgot to hit add discussion...I hit enter...

First of all I never heard of that phrase...there are all kinds of phrases latin and french that you hear all the time...may not know what they mean but that is a new one.

I think it could be better or buddies have been asking that too as I get close to retirement and James leaving home. She was really sweet and soft spoken and cheerful when I met her..I tell her that all the other words nothing like what she is now 90% of the time.

She does work hard and she would attack a female grizzly to protect James but afterwards (she would win) she would go into one of her tirades about his basketball...the coaches, players, college stuff and drive him so crazy he would wish she had either lost the fight or just let the bear 'take him'...actually he likes life a he would probably vote for the bear to win on a lot of days...

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