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Discussion: Nice

in: fossil; fossil > 2016-03-26

Mar 30, 2016 11:08 AM # 
Enjoyed reading your analysis this morning. It sounds like there were a lot of decision points for you!

I saw you mis punched- you hit a control on White before the intersection to turn right on ( check out routegadget)

Noted about the dam- it was only supposed to be oob for bikes-marked trail only. I think a lot of people took it. Wanted my starter to remind everyone with some notes I handed to him but probably didn't happen so oob symbol is obvious choice.
Mar 30, 2016 2:08 PM # 
Yes, thanks for putting this together. It was well done and we both really enjoyed it despite the 3+ hour drive!

There were enough route choice options to consider, including ones I didn't mention. Also it was interesting to discover that options that look similar to ski-O choices don't always have the same balance point. e.g. the dot trails on the routes from 6-7 and 7-8 were incredibly slow and probably worth going around to avoid. OTOH the dots trails leading in to 6 and 12 were really fun.

One option I considered but didn't try to take was to cross the stream south of 12 to get to 13. Without knowing in advance if the crossing would be easy or difficult I decided it was a minimal gain with a high risk. Did you intend for this to be an option?
Mar 30, 2016 4:20 PM # 
Thank you!

I have never done ski-o so not sure how they compare. The dot trail to 6 is a pretty intense short downhill-glad you enjoyed! Most people walked that one and a couple even rode all the way around after seeing it. Entry to 12 was a little tricky and close to the edge on a thin trail, but definitely faster than "dots" if you are confident.

The course setting was all planned to be totally on trail, though the 12-13 leg would be interesting if stream crossing was allowed. Lucky for you, the crossing would have been very difficult south of 12- water was high, and the small dam was overflowing. Maybe in summer it would be faster.

I've heard of mtb-o where you are allowed to carry your bike off-trail, but I was being a little cautious for this first edition. That would allow a few more options like you described- something to consider for next time.
Mar 30, 2016 7:13 PM # 
Yeah. Carrying a bike off-trail isn't really my idea of fun. Running and pushing the bike might be occasionally advantageous. I haven't read up on IOF or OUSA MTBO rules since I haven't done a MTBO since before rules for them even existed. I could imagine rules for off-trail being venue-dependent since the #1 concern is not getting into a situation where the land owner or manager doesn't want you to come back.

In ski-O you're allowed to ski off-trail or run carrying skis off-trail, but depending on snow conditions and depth that may or may not be useful on any given day. Similarly on a bike the utility of going off-trail would obviously depend on what you're trying to go through, if it's even allowed.

Glad I didn't spend any time looking into crossing that stream. From the bend in the trail where I turned it looked like a lot of water and I remember thinking "and then I would have cold feet the rest of the way!" ;-)

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