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Discussion: Eagle Nest Cam

in: Orienteering; General

Apr 1, 2016 5:37 PM # 
Mr President and the First Lady have a couple new additions to the family...born last week. And unlike the private quarters in the White House, two 24/7 web cams have been placed so you can see how the babies are doing.

For those orienteers who enjoy seeing flora and fauna in natural settings, this is pretty interesting.
Apr 1, 2016 5:57 PM # 
Cool. Thanks for the link!
Apr 2, 2016 12:39 PM # 
About 8:15 ET Saturday morning, what looked like a nice fat DC rat was brought into the nest, and the First Lady proceeded to dissect it and feed choice bits to the youngsters. Fascinating.
Apr 2, 2016 1:18 PM # 
In our capital one wants to be the one pecking not pecked. Around here it's mostly just deer nibbling grass, though I do see the fox from time to time. Indeed fascinating to watch; most of the bald eagles I've seen have been in Canada, though I did see some over Quabbin Reservoir (which has a nice O map) in Massachusetts.
May 2, 2016 8:15 PM # 
Well the fuzzy pair of American Eagles are now almost fully grown at six weeks old. And they're getting ready to 'fledge.' That is, finally fly from their nest.

If you haven't checked lately on this pair that were born March 18-20 in a tall tree in the National Arboretum near the Anacostia River in the District of Columbia, you may be amazed at how they've grown, developed a full coat of black eagle feathers, and spend much of their day pacing back and forth in the nest, flapping their wings, practicing for the Big Takeoff! Humorous and endearing!

So do your bird watching soon; it won't be long before they've 'flown the nest!'
May 2, 2016 9:58 PM # 
Six weeks old seems a bit early for leaving the nest. They're looking like they still have a lot of down, even though there's some black mixed in. Still quite interesting to watch from afar.
May 3, 2016 12:52 AM # 
Well tonight a dramatic thunder-n-lightning storm rolled over the Arboretum. And Mama eagle (The First Lady) was there, providing shelter in the storm, while rain drops appeared on her beak and dropped to the nest. And the two eaglets burrowed underneath her sheltering wings...just as any human babies might...seeking refuge from the scary lightning and thunder!
May 3, 2016 1:16 AM # 
Thunder, lightning, and hail! Fierce storm.
May 3, 2016 1:24 AM # 
They need names. I vote for Eddie. And Donald.
May 3, 2016 2:10 AM # 
Good names! But they've already been named: Freedom and Liberty.
May 3, 2016 9:28 AM # 
The trouble is, no one seems to know yet if they're male or female. Maybe Carly and Hillary would have been appropriate?

And thanks for that good link Janet...very interesting!
May 3, 2016 8:17 PM # 
for those who prefer their nestcams to be seabird flavoured, this one should be going for a fair bit longer:
Jan 28, 2017 9:50 PM # 
Happy 2017! Despite the drastic change of the nation's administration in Washington DC, the pair of American Bald Eagles has returned to the same nest on the Anacostia River in which they raised two healthy eaglets last spring.

This is mating season. And if you watch long enough, you may actually see 'The Act' in progress, with a lot of feathers flying and shrieking. In addition, the pair are preparing the nest. And maybe several eggs will appear before long. The same nestcams are functioning well, with the nice addition of audio.

Watching this pair, living in nature and raising a family, is a nice reminder that despite all the changes going on near by, some things never change. And the world continues to turn....
Jan 30, 2017 3:15 AM # 
Camera in Ft Myers FL
Mar 14, 2017 10:56 AM # 
During the current snowstorm and freezing rain, our pair of DC eagles are huddled together in a heartwarming display of dedicated parenthood.

On Monday night, 4"-6" of snow fell, filling the eagles' nest. Then freezing rain began to drench the mother eagle on the nest, as she tried to warm her two eggs due to hatch around April 1. So around 4-5am this morning, her mate, Mr President, joined her to protectively share his body heat.

Now at 7am, covered with snow and ice, drenched to the bone, the pair make a touching scene of dedication and love enduring through misery.
Mar 15, 2017 8:56 PM # 
Don't mean to intrude on O discussions. But a second pair of eagles we've been watching in Washington DC just hatched their first chick about 2pm today. And in the middle of a nest still full of snow and ice! If you scroll down on that page, you'll see photos of the laborious hatching, which has been going on for several days since the first crack appeared!

Mother eagle is very protective of the newborn, keeping her safe from the elements. But with patience you may catch a glimpse of the chick. One more egg still to hatch in this nest. Meanwhile papa eagle is piling up the edge of the nest with large fish. Great entertainment for us bird watchers!
Mar 15, 2017 10:17 PM # 
Great look at the eagle! And you can see how windy it is here today. Brr.
Mar 29, 2017 10:34 AM # 
The first 'pip' in one of the eagles' eggs has appeared! Which means it won't be long before the nest has a couple fluffy eaglet chicks, and attentive parents, feeding bits of fish to impossibly small beaks!

Perhaps this is why we go into the woods? To be surrounded by such miracles of life?
Mar 31, 2017 10:47 AM # 
OK. Sorry to keep intruding on discussions about maps, The Pig, and the latest Garmin. But the second eaglet chick (DC5) was hatched yesterday while the mother (The First Lady) was industriously feeding her first-born bits of fish. The family is now complete!

DC5 emerged into the world soaking wet, scrawny, and looking like a preemie. And was quickly covered up by his mother's sheltering wing...before she took a break, and left the twins to their father, who arrived seconds after her departure. I hope you will check this site often over the next two months, as these eaglets mature and learn to fly. 'Armchair' birding at its finest!
Mar 31, 2017 8:49 PM # 
On a subject that's related only by the category of things that we see when out orienteering and in the woods, I saw my first crocuses of the year today while setting a land navigation course.
Mar 31, 2017 11:37 PM # 
Saw my first disemboweled mallard duck of the season on the eagle nest this afternoon :)

They've been eating all sorts of interesting things - some other small birds, a squirrel and lots of fish. About half catfish and half "other." Don't think I've seen a snakehead yet.
Dec 1, 2017 10:25 AM # 
For us bird and nature lovers on A/P, we look forward to following the dramatic story of the pair of American eagles that annually nest along the Anacostia River in Washington DC. The cameras should be turned on around January 1 so we can follow their 2018 efforts to bring young eaglets into the world, feed and shelter them, until they fledge and fly away 5-6 months later.

But meanwhile, a pair of eagles in SW Florida have built a nest and laid two eggs last week. You can follow their activities right now, on this link. My thanks to Walter Lyons for first introducing us to this pair.
Dec 26, 2017 6:24 PM # 
Pretty much on schedule, the first SW Florida eaglet began to chip his way out of his shell at 8:30 this morning. If you'd like to witness the 'Miracle of Life' first hand, as the little eaglet works for his freedom, take a look. It's a long process.
Jan 14, 2018 6:31 PM # 
The DC eagle nest in the National Arboretum along the Anacostia River is suddenly seeing some action from our enduring pair of eagles, Mr President and The First Lady. The cameras have been turned on, and the pair is busy building their nest. Mr President (the smaller of the two) seems extremely attentive to TFL...avidly following her as she flys back and forth, bringing new sticks and nesting material.

Meanwhile the SW Florida eaglets are now two weeks old, and spending most of their days being fed by their parents, surveying their domain, and pegging their way around the nest on their elbows. Great entertainment!
Feb 16, 2018 5:21 PM # 
A new eagle pair in California's Big Bear Lake area has just hatched two eaglets this week. The daytime temps are in the low 30's, so mama eagle is protecting the new-borns most of the time. But with a little patience, you can witness a feeding session.

Meanwhile our DC pair continues to work on their nest, with anticipation of a couple of eggs before too much longer.
Feb 17, 2018 4:08 AM # 
My, the eagle moves around a lot at night.
Mar 19, 2018 5:56 PM # 
Spring is here: The Eagle nest on the Anacostia River in Washington DC has two new occupants. One eaglet born Saturday; another is pecking his way out of his shell this afternoon. With any luck we'll see him emerge before nightfall!
Mar 23, 2018 8:47 PM # 
Tragedy! Those in California know the intense storms that swept over the state this week. Unfortunately it was too much ice, snow and cold rain (near freezing) over too long a period for our 5wk old eaglets at Big Bear Lake. The younger eaglet died earlier today.

The eaglet's body is still in the nest this afternoon...pitifully his brother has tried repeatedly to cozy up to the body, trying to instill life. Meanwhile mother eagle perches nearby, staring out at the lake, depressed, wondering what she could have done to save her youngster.
May 1, 2018 6:19 PM # 
For those bird watchers amongst us, the pair of DC eagles finally have their first eaglet, hatched yesterday. The second eaglet appears to be pecking out of his shell this afternoon. Great dual-camera views of the small creatures.
Dec 25, 2018 8:20 PM # 
Another Christmas present arrived this morning: a couple new eaglets in the Southwest Florida eagle nest. Very endearing, for all us armchair bird watchers in the middle of the winter.

The DC eagle pair should go on-line sometime in January as they begin to rebuild their nest in the Anacostia River Nature Preserve.
Dec 29, 2018 4:17 PM # 
The SW Fla cam is really fun to watch, cute little ones.
Apr 6, 2019 7:24 PM # 
Well it is Springtime! And our pair of Eagles in the DC area have been a bit slow in starting their 2019 family. So for those that like to watch helpless eaglet bobble-heads being fed by attentive parents, a new pair were hatched Thursday and this morning in Hanover, PA. The nice thing about this nest is there are THREE cams. So you can see the 'action,' no matter how hard Momma tries to keep things private!
Apr 8, 2019 2:58 AM # 
Article at WaPo: "A 17-foot, 140-pound python was captured in a Florida park. Officials say it’s a record"

Open in incognito to read for free.

Quote: the python has disrupted the natural ecosystem of predator and prey in the Everglades, competing with native wildlife for food and contributing to the decline in several mammal species. A 2012 study showed that since 1997, populations of raccoons in the Everglades had dropped 99.3 percent, opossums 98.9 percent and bobcats 87.5 percent. Marsh rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and foxes effectively disappeared.
Apr 8, 2019 3:22 AM # 
Apropos to yurets' non sequitur (since this thread is about eagles), select "elimination agents" are trained to get rid of pythons in the Everglades. But maybe we should start a new thread to discuss snakes.

Please return to eagle talk.
Dec 18, 2019 5:57 PM # 
The American eagles in southwest Florida, named Harriet and her mate M15, have been incubating two eggs for the past month. Now one egg has developed a 'pip,' or a small hole pecked by the tiny eaglet inside. Hatching should be happening later today, which you can watch live at:

It is charming to watch as M15 brings fish to the nest and cares for Harriet as she protectively shields and incubates her eggs.
Dec 18, 2019 8:36 PM # 
Oh man, it's getting exciting, @chitownclark! Thanks for the link!!
Dec 25, 2019 9:16 PM # 
Well one egg hatched on schedule. The other looks to be infertile. So we get to enjoy watching a single eaglet grow up...without all the sibling rivalry!

Before this topic drops off the bottom, let me add another link on Facebook for this American Eagle family:

Lots more photos, links and posts you may find interesting.
Mar 30, 2020 2:31 PM # 
Getting bored sitting at home? Well Mother Nature is out there, moving into Spring!

And unfortunately although the single eaglet hatched around Christmas died after 4 weeks from mysterious wounds, after only two weeks, the Southwest Florida pair produced two MORE eggs! And have been incubating them again! And now they are hatching! Great entertainment, to watch that little chick, peck his way out of his shell. And somehow, in these stressful times, a reassuring symbol of hope!
Mar 30, 2020 2:48 PM # 
And if you want to watch the live feed as the hatching progresses:

The second egg is scheduled to hatch Wednesday afternoon. Stay tuned.
Apr 3, 2020 11:15 AM # 
Well after 2-1/2 days of struggle, Eaglet #16 was finally able to wrench its bobble-head from the shell in the fading rays of the Florida sun yesterday. See the moment of birth here.

I guess it could be considered a 'breach birth' since E16 spent all of Wednesday with one wing outside the shell, flapping around. But it just couldn't pull the rest of its body and head from that curled-up position, still trapped inside the shell.
Jan 23, 2021 1:39 PM # 
Rite of Spring 2021: Eaglets E17 and E18 are hatching in the nest in Southwest Florida. A nice diversion, to watch the creation of Life, as snow, cold and pandemic cover the land.
Jan 26, 2021 6:39 PM # 
Thank you! I needed this. Watching baby eagles being fed is a truly great diversion. Wonderful.
May 8, 2021 4:58 AM # 
I never met Clark, but I was quite impressed by the passion shown in this thread and elsewhere. Worthy of a bump :-). RIP.

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