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Discussion: Holding on

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Apr 18, 2016 11:38 AM # 
I had gone a long time with no setback...did a gradual increase in miles...Tues and Thurs went to 4 milers and for awhile did 2.8 on Monday...we're talking 3-4 miles a week and it was just too right knee was gimpy a month ago but biking cured it very quickly but then returned and my right foot that I 'destroyed' falling off the counter last year (or perhaps fall of 2014) has a permanent reddish 'spot' on it...maybe darker pink skin color than rest of went gimpy Thur/Fri and just kept getting worse in spite of my foot exercise and then the old hot foot treatment...was stale mentally and I always breakdown the week before the OKC Memorial Marathon...I keep it in mind as a possible race and its as if my subconscious makes sure I do not enter.

I used to would push through the foot and knee thing...and I did to a point...actually did not bother me stride/walking yesterday...and I did a few pretty quick (for strides in the middle...just like Sat...but I never really seem to improve...mainly I just want to run to stress relieve and stay somewhat fit...I was debating to take a easy week...I cheated by pushing Friday back to 4 miler.

I am wondering if the more 'natural' less cushion shoes contributed some...I feel my form is much better with them and right now Nike does not have any more 'substantial' shoes I like...bought a pair of UnderArmour kinda middle of the road shoe price and support wise and will see how that goes.

Did not want to run in the rain yesterday in new shoes so no idea yet how they will be.

All I can do is hold on and start a new cycle of running and building up...never get to a ten miler anymore...but at least I got in a few 8 milers and 7 milers over 2 month time period.

Good luck to of us always seems to go down just as the other goes up...9 miles is 9 miles like your buddies said...if you go out and run it at a 'normal' pace after weeks of lesser training you are taking a chance of overdoing it too early in your build up stage...LSD remember! For a foundation.
Apr 18, 2016 11:23 PM # 
Tired of running on the edge..I'm too old and yet I am not completely conceding defeat to age...just the reality of where I am at...but instead of running on edge I need to back off just a little...a little slower here...walk some when I need to and a few miles a week...2 or 3 miles a week is a huge deal for me whether adding them or subtracting them

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