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Discussion: Negativity

in: Joshosh; Joshosh > 2016-05-03

May 3, 2016 10:11 AM # 
In fairness I think a lot of the negativity is balanced out with positive comments as well. I think everyone enjoyed the sprint, obviously this whole uncrossables thing has been handled quite arbitrarily and very inconsistent. Middle was one of the most enjoyable map/terrain/courses I've done in Ireland in a good while. Wasn't there for the long but I think the general consensus is that the middle and long were very enjoyable. Most of the negativity comes from the relay and in my opinion this is justified. When you have someone telling you at the start that a control is 150m I the wrong place, it's not a good sign. And when you factor in the control that was supposed to be in the field that another control in the wrong place, I would be annoyed if I had not checked that code and ran into the field like you did. As for the map.... I'm not sure how that can be defended when you have people losing significant times due to finding ways through green etc. I think we're lucky that these discrepancies covered over the cracks in the gaffling of the courses, would have been a pity if the relay had been decided by someone on 3rd leg having a much shorter gaffle. But it's easy to complain when you're not organising.
May 3, 2016 12:39 PM # 
This is a bit all over the place but there are jsut some points I would like to make. In some ways it is a great problem for us to be having.

In all the races the results were very tight (well, except for Conor winning). This means that very small mistakes on the runners or the organisers part can have a big impact on the results. This is great as it means everyone is training hard and trying to get the absolute best from themselves. Have a look through the last 10 years of results and see how they compare. I think the organisation is lagging behind slightly and that people need to be made more aware of what the effects of these small issues are.

The other thing is that these are not new issues. IOC last year had problems with start times and fence crossings (well, these are what I remember). Normally I'd wait a week or so before raising them and focus on the positives to make sure people realise how valued their efforts were. In this case the problems had a significant impact on the results and thus they were raised at the weekend.

My primary concern at the moment is how can we create a forum for people to provide constructive feedback based on this event to inform future event organisers. The Major Events Conference has been held for the last two years with this intention. I was the only elite at it last year but I don't think any attended this year? The process of setting up a technical committee to review the rules regarding start times has been started but perhaps we need to look at more aspects of the championship events (e.g. the lack of available old maps before this year's IOC).

On a final note, I thought the middle was perfect.
May 6, 2016 6:03 PM # 
Roar, I think at lot of the points that you raise are related to one issue: you (and us) are looking at these events from the point of view of an experienced international competitor. The organisers, planners and controllers in Ireland rarely have that experience and are therefore carrying out their duties to the level and experience that they are familiar with. The problem is that there are so few people around to do these jobs that it would be wrong to criticise the few people who do take on these roles. Maybe having a recent international runner acting as an event advisor would be the way to go (to pick up on things like crossing points and that the relay descriptions were too small to read!)?

WATO did an amazing job when you consider the size of the club, and if you'd orienteered in Connaught 20 years ago then the issues from last weekend would appear very minor!
May 7, 2016 2:30 PM # 
maps drawn with tipex and biro? Those were the days.

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