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Discussion: Event Notes

in: Senior Team USA Trials (Jun 3–5, 2016 - Kent, CT, US)

Jun 2, 2016 2:19 AM # 
USA Team Trials 2016
June 3rd – June 5th
Mount Holyoke College, MA – Sprint
Pond Mountain, Kent CT – Long & Middle

Welcome to New England for the 2016 OUSA Team Trials! Throughout the weekend we hope you'll enjoy the best of the region, from leafy liberal arts campuses to the steep hills and iron-forged history of this fantastic region. These notes should cover all the race information you'll need for the long weekend.

Sprint race
Mount Holyoke College
Friday June 3rd

Please do not arrive before 2.30 pm – we do not have access the facilities until then.

Directions: From MA 116 (north or south) turn into Dunlap Place, on the northern end of the Mount Holyoke College Campus. All other roads within the college are out of bounds. Parking is at the Kendall Sports & Dance Complex. There will be no parking detail, please park yourselves in the lot there. We have access to indoor changing and bathroom facilities in the Kendall Complex.

Location: On arriving please pick up a model map, which will show you appropriate areas for warming up. Registration, start and finish are all directly in this area.

Starts: Starts will be at one minute intervals from 4:30-5:30. Call-up will be 3 minutes. Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Courses: Red: 2.5 km, 40m climb. Blue: 2.9km, 50m climb

Map details: This is a brand new 1:4000 map, drawn to ISSOM standards in May 2016 by Ed Despard, with 2m contours. In the week before the meet, after the maps are printed, a construction area will be going up in the center of campus. We have marked the rough area as OOB. OOB areas may be larger than the physical construction fences; please respect the OOB as mapped.

As with all sprint races, olive green is out of bounds. Most olive green on campus is mulched gardens. We will post some volunteers in the areas where infractions could occur, and athletes will be disqualified if they cross these areas. Roped fences are not mapped, are easily crossable, and may be crossed wherever the athlete wishes. One main road will be crossed twice during the race, and may only be crossed at the marked crossing points. The rest of the road is marked as OOB.

Refreshments: As part of the agreement to use the college, we may not serve any food at the finish. We will provide water, but please come equipped with your own post race nourishment.

Long race
Pond Mountain
Saturday June 4th

Directions: From Kent CT, take CT341 west out of the town. After 1.6 miles, take a right onto Macedonia Brook Road. After 0.8 miles, turn right up Fuller Mountain Road. Parking will be on your left after 1 more mile. Google calls this 85 Fuller Mountain Road.

Location: Assembly is just across the road from parking, in the grounds of 120 Fuller Mountain road. The finish is at this location both days.

Starts: The walk to the start from assembly is just under a kilometre with some climb at the end. Starts are at 3 minute intervals from 10 am.

Courses: Red: 9.6 km, 375 m climb. Blue: 13.2 km, 500 m climb. Green: 5.5 km, 170 m climb

Map details: Pond Mountain is a gorgeous mature, mostly deciduous forest. There is very little undergrowth or invasive species such as laurel. It is fast, rocky, and steep. The original map dates from 1988 (Goodwin), and has been updated by multiple people since then (Dominie, Walker, Despard). The woods are dotted with remnants of the area's industrial past, with many charcoal burning pits marked with the platform symbol. As with many Swedish maps, there are small areas of bare rock marked with the grey bare ground symbol – from a distance these may look like cliffs. At this time of year expect water features to be quite dry. Extremely ruined walls are mapped with a rocky ground symbol, as opposed to the ruined wall symbol.

Refreshments: Water and basic snacks will be provided at the finish.
Blue 4 water stops; 2 at controls and 2 marked on the map
Red 2 water stops, at controls
Green 2 water stops, marked on the map

Middle race
Pond Mountain
Sunday June 5th

Directions: Parking and assembly will be the same as Saturday.

Starts: The walk to the start from assembly is 1.7 kilometres mostly flat and on large tracks. Starts will be at 2 minute intervals from 9 am.

Courses: Red: 4.8 km, 230m climb. Blue: 5.7 km, 280m climb

Map details: As Saturday

Refreshments: Water and basic snacks will be provided.
Red and Blue courses both have one water stop.


All races are using the SI-Air+ touch free punching system. You will be issued a SIAC card at registration to use for the weekend. The rental card must be returned after your last race.

Before the start of each race there will be clear, check, and battery test boxes. It is important to make sure you check, as that turns on the touch free mode. If you do not check, your stick will not work touch free and you will have to manually punch the box at each control.

The range of the equipment we are using is approximately 25cm. The stick will flash and beep after a successful punch.

The finish of all three days will not have a finish box. Your time will be taken when your body crosses the finish line. After finishing, proceed to the download station. It is important to also punch the SIAC Radio Off box after downloading to preserve the battery in your SIAC stick.

The Middle and Long starts will be using a start box. The sprint will use a start gate to determine start time. When you approach the start line, there will be an additional check box that you are required to punch to identify yourself to the computer.

If you miss your start time it will not be changed for you! If you are late to the start it is important to not interfere with any other starters that are in the process of preparing for their race. There will be a separate late start lane for you to use. We will be using the IOF procedures to determine when you are allowed to start:

In an interval start, if the competitor is at the start line less than half the start interval after their start time they shall start immediately.
If the competitor is at the start line more than half the start interval after their start time they shall start at the next available half start interval.
Jun 2, 2016 11:28 AM # 
Kudos to Becky and Ed for replicating as much of WOC race conditions as possible. Good luck to all of our Team Trialers, can't wait to see you compete!
Jun 2, 2016 1:28 PM # 
Where will the bathrooms be at Pond Mountain? At assembly or at the start or both?
Jun 2, 2016 5:06 PM # 
At assembly.
Jun 2, 2016 7:09 PM # 
Great stuff. Thanks guys!

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