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Discussion: James has moved out

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Jun 12, 2016 1:51 PM # 
He took his girlfriend to 'The Farm' last week for 5 days. Everyone really liked her and commented on how much she cared for James. Chrissy chewed on James until 2 am the first 2 nights he was back telling him the girl was not good enough for him...I told him to leave...he's stayed 2 nights with friend and began looking for appt to share with one or two buddies yesterday..

.he's 19 June 23 and Chrissy does not get it...she is breathing fire...her chemicals are driving her to such overprotectiveness...all based on some very well-intensioned goals lots of parents would have but its like taking a whole bottle of aspirin instead of 2 for a ache or pain.

She's going to ground him...yes ground 19...take his car from him...he owns it...the title is not in his name but we 'sold' it to him rather than trade it in on our last car...kinda a win win thing...he's never ever ever done anything wrong...everyone speaks highly of him..every year every single teachers face would light up when they had teach/parent meetings...when they learned we were James parents.

This girl has seen what James mom is like and is standing by her man when most girls would have given up by now...
Jun 12, 2016 6:24 PM # 
Wow... big stuff, and good for him. Definitely sounds like it's time!
This may also mean some changes in your life with C.
Jun 12, 2016 8:00 PM # 
I will never be served another meal unless he moves back...I may be down to my ole fighting weight of 135 lbs (or lower gulp) by the end of the summer or the where horse radish is another miracle food that cures absolutely everything so put it on anything non-sweet right now...maybe that will make my sandwiches and microwave dinners taste better.

It is good for him all kidding aside...she absolutely loves him but its all twisted up by her chemicals into something not very pretty. If a lion attacked James not only would she jump in front of him to protect him she would rip that lion to shreds with her bare hands and try to baptize it at the end and scold it for a bad lifestyle etc

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