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Discussion: Koski the wise sage dispenses advice

in: Bags

Jun 14, 2016 12:02 AM # 
I did read something recently that said carbo loading was not good but of course I can't remember what was better...probably some sort of protein heavy diet...raw meat...especially the liver of a living lion (living at the time you pull it out)...something about carbs and sugar...

Like a lot of the fat they've been cutting out of diets is actually good for you too...whole milk is better...what they remove to reduce the fat actually leaves more has something to do with sugar...I would be a very impressive speaker on diet with rock solid facts like that....

Always noticed majority of people that drank diet drinks were fat...and sure enough there is something about the drink and artificial sugars they use that causes the body to react in a way that you gain fat...and its bad for you on top of that.

Of course the best diet is a six pack of coke a day for the last few days before the big'll reach the line buzzed and ready to blast away...I still remember the one Pavvo I finished I was somewhere past the halfway mark and some guy pulls up next to me on a bike and asked if I wanted a drink...asked what he had...some sort of defizzled coke..well that was like offering Popeye the Sailor a can of spinach during the bad part of a fight with Brutus...of course I chugged the coke syrup down and blasted away to a world record marathon and won the race...or something like that...

I'm not even sure that it would be legal now...with the caffeine in it...
Jun 14, 2016 1:08 PM # 
Oh yeah... caffien is legal and is an ingredient in most gels that runners use now. I wouldn't think of running a marathon without it!
Frank Shorter popularized the defizzed Coke thing in the 70's of course.
Jun 14, 2016 11:22 PM # 
He was just a copy cat...actually I don't remember that...old timers...weird that caffeine is legal...

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