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Discussion: Course design - Composite Martyr Middle M21

in: Orienteering; General

Jun 25, 2016 9:31 PM # 
Below is a submission of a Middle M21 (H21) course on the autogenerated WOC 2016 Tanum map. Let us know your thoughts on this course, and on its media and spectator features.

Composite Martyr - Middle M21
Jun 27, 2016 12:21 AM # 
Well, I must say this is the makings of a world class course! The area is well used, there's lots of route choice, tons of variation, and well thought-out logistics. I could try my usual leg-by-leg review but I'm not sure I have time for it ;-) When the course is as well thought out as this each leg takes a lot of time to analyse. Congratulations to the course planner.

A few random reactions:
* I'm surprised that the "real" WOC course is this same length but with twice the climb. Why did the WOC planners feel the need for all of that climb - is this terrain super-fast or is 5min/km with 5% climb what the world champs do??
* love the finish arena - easy access for organizers off the paved road, lots of fields for parking nearby, adequate space for spectators and all the tents, etc (or is there? Perhaps that is a flaw to the course that the arena isn't big enough area).
* start area also makes sense - and runners can even have a small warmup map
* leg 5 seems a bit strange - if the open marsh is fast running then I think it will be the obvious route?
* leg 14 also seems a bit strange - I see the nice route choice but don't think it is quite set up right. It is a bit awkward, constrained by the arena run-through and the cliffs right off the bat. Nothing seriously wrong, just an obvious candidate for closer examination.
* leg 16 likewise I'm not sure that the route choice is exactly right
* leg 18 too - I just don't see anyone climbing out of control 17 and suspect most everyone will angle down the hill and come through the spur about half way
* finish chute - definitely not long enough. At 190m it is max 25 seconds of running. Hardly enough time for Per F to whip the crowd into a frenzy. I think it needs to be at least double the length. So I might even be having second thoughts about how good the arena location is ;-)

Anyway - this is a joy to behold.
Jun 27, 2016 2:08 AM # 
I'm very enthralled by leg 10 - 11 and almost as much by 2 - 3 if the thick lines for rock faces means they are not passable. This would make a great M 65 long course, too.
Jun 27, 2016 3:43 AM # 
10-11 is interesting, and perhaps it partially answers "why the WOC course has so much climb". For me (and Gord) there is quite a lot of route choice. But perhaps for the top runners there isn't enough climb on the direct route to stop them going more or less straight (just slightly south of the line)?
Jun 27, 2016 9:23 AM # 
Terje Mathisen:
This is indeed the best course so far, even though it's a bit of a cheat to not use the designated finish area. :-)

Re the route choices available:

1: Easy, just go straight/flat, i.e. underneath the first cliff then over the open knoll.
2: This oe is hard to decide, if the real map has some boulders/rocks below the cliffs then it is probably faster to go over the top.
3: Nice orienteering, the best route is pretty flat though, approaching from slightly south f the line.
4: Transport for these guys.
5: Straight line then left of the final knoll.
6: Fun leg, probably too easy for WOC?
7: Also fun, also a bit easy, i.e. you ust aim for the huge open slabs above the control.
8: Very good, possibly the most interesting leg so far.
9-10: Good viewing for the drone. :-)
11: Looks interesting, but the WOC guys will simply go straight over the top, just a tiny left bend to hit the best slabs. On the way down to the control they would aim for the obvious knoll with cliff faces.
12-13: TV transport
14: Assuming the cliffs are unpassable they would aim right to touch the south end of the open marsh.
15: Setup
16: An amazing leg, here you can make or break your race! If the cliff funnel is shown as passable then that would be the obvious route choice, via the slabs west of 11. Otherwise they would probably go left and over the 10-11 hill once more and attack the control from the left.
16: More setup
17: Another good leg close to the end.

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