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Discussion: Pokemon

in: Super; Super > 2016-07-13

Jul 14, 2016 5:58 AM # 
It is great to see that an app has got people out and active and 'navigating' their community. It combines the navigation of orienteering and geocaching with a cool interactive game play.

When we were trying to design a way to get people out adventure running or hiking without having to go to a race we felt the best way was to develop a smart phone app that always showed people where they were and they collected points for getting to checkpoints. There would have been a live points table allowing people to create their own competitions. This pokemon app takes that concept a step further by creating the interactive play with a well known game. Good for them. It shows to me that people enjoy getting out finding places they wouldn't normally have gone - adventure.

One of the barriers to orienteering is that the average person is not very good at navigating and even those that are good navigators there is often that self doubt of getting lost. Knowing where you are all the time using the built in GPS of a smart phone removes a lot of that doubt and allows you to always be moving forward with much more confidence. There is still the navigational challenge of picking a good route and planning ahead.

For what its worth, the awesome feeling I get running through the woods navigating to a small boulder on the side of a hill deep in the woods of the alps (like I did yesterday) while reading a map is hard to beat. A true sense of adventure in nature. A feeling I know I can't equal by staring at nature through the camera of a smart phone app.
Jul 14, 2016 12:11 PM # 
Yes, you nailed it. Confidence, doubt and I'd add frustration. Not that I have worked that hard or done very much.

Orienteering is like golf for me. I'm super bad at it but I can see clearly how it should be going and get totally pissed off that it doesn't. I resolved the golf thing by dropping most clubs and replacing them with beer. And by not playing golf. With anything nav I just take a passenger role on a team or don't do it. Haven't found a way to work the beer in. The few times something has gone right on a map I've only ever thought, yes, right. That's how it should have been, Next! And then I'm lost. I'd probably be better off with a smart phone app to get me there and to enjoy the journey and that would appear to apply to the vast majority of people.

As a parent Pokemon go isn't so bad after watching my kids sit on their phones all the time inside, interacting with no one, unable to engage even with people in the room. We met five people in the neighbourhood on one outing yesterday and Ben covered 10k walking with me and on his hover board to hatch an egg . Beats gta 5 where you do armed robberies and kill cops.

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