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Discussion: The 62 Project or Project 62

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Aug 28, 2016 2:02 PM # 
1 year 13 days until I am 62. As slow as I am if I can keep this up for another year (not the slow part just the training without interruption) I would hope to lop a minute a mile off my pace and be down to average pace below 9:15...meaning I would be running 8 min pace for extended periods of time.
Aug 28, 2016 2:26 PM # 
Sounds like a good long-range plan.
Tear and Repair... as Conway would say!
Aug 28, 2016 9:30 PM # 
Is he kin to Yoda? haha I can hear Yoda's voice as I read "Tear and Repair".

I'm a lot better at the tearing than the repairing unfortunately...that is in almost every aspect of life.

You are back to some good training...
Aug 28, 2016 9:40 PM # 
Read Grandpa Lefty's advise about hips...he may have seen some of the same stuff I did on hips about a month ago...problem is I think one of the exercises I overdid (I think) and caused the weird strain behind my left lower ham behind knee but not the knee is much better now but it's what interfered with striding out which means 2 foot strides instead of 1 foot shuffles...jumping jacks...who knew? I kinda let up on them again after doing them but I am trying to do stuff for hips...sometimes I just slap them just to send a little shock wave deep down I'm not spanking myself...okay yes I am...but I don't do that one much.

We're all looking for a's weird how we find them sometimes...a random check of Runners World web site or picking up a magazine...I picked up one once at a doctors office and Ron Hill was up to 37 years on his running what are the chances of finding a little tidbit like that? That had to be around 15 years least 10. Guess I should google him later.

All I have left right now is that I am alive, have two legs that kinda work and the same rock for a brain that is too stupid to completely give up...the long walks, my own adaptions of 'circular motions' with my legs...out in front of me and then at my side...before I just kicked them out straight and lifted but something either on my own or what I read made me think about looping the legs in circles one way then the other plus doing upside down U of up and over and down to right then back to the left...all that seemed to really help my tight hamstrings...enough that even when I strain one it does not last long...and I just walk an hour or more and that keeps up my fitness until I can go again.

I can't do much weighs or pushups...used to be my left shoulder now it's my right...can't work through the right one yet...left one did those arm never helped the right one though...and ice and some heat.

Blah blah I'm going real long again.

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