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Discussion: Nice work

in: Fer_Fun'k_Sake!; Fer_Fun'k_Sake! > 2016-08-27

Sep 2, 2016 12:08 AM # 
Looks like we headed out somewhat similarly - where were you when it got dark? We were at 104, made it to 37, and then I couldn't find the trail junction I wanted to use to attack 97, so we went to sleep instead. There are some benefits to having an 11-year-old teammate! But in retrospect, I wish I'd planned differently for the night nav. I always just assume I can figure it out, but not so in this case!
Sep 3, 2016 3:34 AM # 
Thanks! I feel like when we saw you guys, it was approaching sunset, around controls 87 and 103. Perhaps we were in the same area for that awesome sunset, up high around control 104? Looking at the map now, I don't remember how it went between 37 and 97. It looks like it took us 42mins.

So, 8 hours in daylight was: (did not find 84), 70, 94, 54, 91, 72, 112, 92, 53, 87, 103, 104.

10 hours dusk to dawn: 37, 97, 106, 76, (3hrs bwn controls, including Tamarack dry creek hellacious-ness), 107, 81, 73, 60, 33, 88, 38, 51.

6 hours day: 35, 40, 100, 79, 101, 95, 62, 50, 44, 32, 45.

It was great seeing you guys out there. Anna is a good sport! If you ever want to partner for anything, let me know!!


Added later: Now I've read your recap. Thanks for sharing your story! It was fun to read it and follow along on the map.
Sep 5, 2016 12:51 AM # 
Wow, that's some nice work in the dark. I feel like if we'd gotten past 107, we could have done some night controls, but there was just no hope from where we were trying to get 97. How'd you approach that one? Did you find the trail junction south out of 37 and come at it from the west, or did you come at it from the north?

Ditto if you're looking for a partner, although I'm a long ways out from running one of these any more. My rogaine buddy for years was Jen Knowles - you might see her at a COC event every now and then, especially as their kids are just about out of the house. Hard to imagine we used to do marathon training plans to prepare for these things...but I'm always up for a grand adventure!
Sep 8, 2016 3:33 AM # 
Good question about how we approached 97. We must have known where were were along the road north of the control, or thought we knew. We shot a bearing from a bend in the road, I think, and headed across the wide-open slope. We strayed quiet a ways from one another, and were definitely not in the vicinity of a reentrant. We saw what we thought might be a reflector way down there, and when I went that way, it was the lights of some campers at the end of the road, below the control. Now knowing exactly where I was (at the end of the road) I was able to shoot a bearing and head up the ravine until finally spotting the control.

Great to know you're game. I'd consider Worlds in these next few years that we're qualified. We didn't run much at all at this last event. Especially at the beginning we just felt like our packs were too heavy. It would probably help to train with the weight more so it feels more normal.
Sep 9, 2016 10:02 AM # 
Wow. Nice approach. I tried something similar, and having spent some quality time circling off that same stupid road looking for 97 and 106(?), I ultimately concluded that the nuances of the bends were more generalized on the map. Either that, or I just stink at reading roads on a map, also possible. Anyway, Anna was not up for any more of such shenanigans after my first pass, which probably did not go far enough down the slope, so that was it.

I'd be up for Worlds, although it's possible we may have a family event that conflicts for 2017. Still working that out. Jon thinks there are no Worlds for 2018 because they have to start planning 3 years out, and it's not on the calendar. Let's keep an eye on it.

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