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Discussion: #9-108

in: RLShadow; RLShadow > 2016-09-17

Sep 18, 2016 12:14 AM # 
You were missing CP#9 but Anne said she saw you go there as does your route so we gave you credit. You were the first one through so we think you just didn't punch long enough to wake up the box. That is why the split is missing for you on AP. You will have to claim them if you want as the new export is different and I didn't notice I had the first and last names backwards. AP takes the name and SI number to claim splits automatically.
Sep 18, 2016 12:45 AM # 
Actually I think I know what happened -- I got to #9 and to me it looked misplaced, too far to the north, not as much into the clearing as it seemed like it should have been. This is complicated by what I think is a mapping problem -- there is a distinct tree mapped which is what the feature was supposed to be. This is in an area that is mapped as open with scattered trees. To me, no individual tree should be mapped unless it is huge compared to surrounding trees, and nothing there met that criteria. I don't know if there used to be a huge tree there and it was taken down, or if I mapped it there for some reason (due to a mistake, or I just wasn't thinking), or if someone else put it on the map. Anyway, I figured I was the first person coming to that control so I moved it more a little towards the south, to another slightly bigger tree. But still not big enough to deserve being mapped. I'm thinking that I neglected to punch it, but I certainly interacted with it! I bet I spent 30-45 seconds studying the map and the terrain trying to figure out the best place for it, given that the map didn't seem correct. So anyway, that's my theory as to what happened.

I did notice that I had to wake up lots of controls, in fact for a while I was thinking there was something wrong with my e-punch stick until it dawned on me that I was most likely the first person to lots of the controls (which doesn't happen to me very often!).
Sep 18, 2016 1:05 AM # 
Yes I set that control. At first I wanted to put in on the tree further downhill, that seemed the most distinct in the area and most by itself but still some vegetation around it, but still not worthy of being mapped.

I looked closer and it is a green circle and looking around I did see only the one pine tree in the area so I put it there. It was tall but hardly very notable but best matched what was mapped. Maybe the control description could have had the pine tree type indicated if that was the intended location. Hard to set someone else's control locations if they aren't flagged.

As far as moving it I didn't even notice if it was moved when I went through.... No memory of that just run to the circle and spot the flag.
Sep 18, 2016 1:22 AM # 
You're right that the circle indicates pine tree, that didn't click with me. So you probably did set it correctly. From the map though, I expected to see it more in the reentrant than back kind of towards the woods. I'm glad it didn't mess you up (and presumably no one else because where I put it, if anything, was a little more visible). I still don't think it was worth being mapped -- I'll have to look back at my versions of this map to see if I put it on the map, or someone else. This wouldn't be the first time when I map something one way, then a number of years later I don't agree with how I mapped it. It might also have been the case that from an aerial photo the tree looked a lot more distinct than it did from ground level, so maybe I put it on the map based on the aerial photo, and neglected to do a reality check for how it looked from the vantage point of an orienteer.
Sep 18, 2016 2:15 PM # 
Hmmm - guess I need to memorize the x and o difference...

I scouted from the map only, and when I ran the course last week, there is a very big tree with a two-trunk split that is perhaps up the hill from where that is mapped. I figured I was not thinking about the contours right, but that is the only significant tree there...

So that's what I intended, and I'll admit that I didn't tell the type on the clues because I couldn't remember it definitively...

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