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Discussion: Proposed 2017 WOC Team Selection Criteria and Sr. Team ESC rules changes

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Dec 17, 2016 7:25 AM # 
The Sr Team ESC (ESC) has proposed several rules changes that will likely be ruled on by the Board at the Dec 19 meeting. These are different from the rules changes proposed by the JTESC and approved by the Board last week. The proposed 2017 WOC team selection criteria has also been posted with the supporting material for the Board meeting. There have been a few changes from last year's criteria (here, for reference).

There's a note from the ESC Chair (Linda Kohn) with the Board meeting agenda supporting material that says:

ESC Chair: "Given that the IOF will be changing the WOC format starting in 2019, I anticipate the need to change the selection process to accommodate the new format. Hence, the proposed rule that would allow for that without requiring a rule change."

There are changes to five rules in the proposal. Linda, can you specify which of those five this comment is referring to, what selection process changes you anticipate we'll need for the 2019 selection, and why this would need to be done now (2 years early)? Thanks.

In the proposed change to rule G.1.6.1, the rationale given states: "Rationale: we have increased the number of committee members to give a wider range of input and allow for more participation by those who are not on the ESC." While I agree wholeheartedly with this, the proposed changes to the text of the rule don't actually increase the number of Selection Committee members. It only gives the option to increase the number. I'd suggest changing "three-five" to "four-five," or better still - just make it "five" and remove the following "up to" from the text.

In the proposed change to rule G.1.7.6, the ESC is requesting that the grace period for coming into compliance with the said policies be decreased from 30 days to one week. I presume this is meant to refer to the Athlete Agreement only, since the a) and b) requirements have specifically stated their respective due dates. I'll suggest moving the grace period text onto line c) since that is what it is referring to. Also, it doesn't specify when the grace period starts and it probably should (i.e. when the AA is signed).

Regarding the change from 30 days to one week, is there an actual reason for this apart from "30 days seems too long?" Coming into compliance with the Athlete Agreement involves more than just signing the paper, doesn't it? According to the proposed selection criteria, the AA has to be signed when the team is named (one week post-TT), but it could take some time for someone to get a personal coach and establish a training plan. The 2017 Athlete Agreement itself allows 2 weeks for submitting an annual plan (Sec. 2.(d) on page 2), so the grace period should be at least that long for consistency. This is more than just paperwork. An annual plan requires some thought. I think the rule should be left as-is at 30 days.
Dec 17, 2016 4:28 PM # 
Hey Eddie,
Im speaking for myself here, an athlete who is figuring all those things out after they make the team is not taking the senior level seriously enough. Every athlete should have a plan starting in November. Especially for younger athletes this plan might span a few years. If an athlete is self coached then the plan and the training log combined with results will show if the athlete knows what they are doing or not. To me a week seems plenty of time to send that stuff in and sign the form. Any longer and an athlete is wasting the little time they have to begin specific preparation for WOC after the selection. I think this is assumed as good practice in the change. A program were an athlete who has not done those things early on and still makes a national team is not working well at a fundemental level and ultimately is failing the athletes. I think the ESC is working hard to change this in the US and I think this change reflects that direction.
Dec 19, 2016 8:27 PM # 
I agree with Erin here. My goal of making woc 2015 I made in 2013 at the latest (it was such a long term goal I don't remember not having it!). I had a plan and a new coach by early 2014 and then won the TT meaning no question I was going, but that was peak one you would hope one would be in even better position by woc time to do well. There wouldn't have been a hope I'd have won TT and done as well as I did at woc if I was planning as short notice as you suggest. One needs a plan

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