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Discussion: good to see

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Dec 29, 2016 6:35 PM # 
Esko Siren:
running/shuffling/jogging back in your log.
I don't ever recall feeling this apathetic about consistent running. It's nice to not care though! I'll be back... I am enjoying the break, and feel pretty good physically.
Dec 30, 2016 12:08 AM # 
Know what you mean...when I am hurt which I hate I just walk and enjoy it...I do hate when joggers blow by me even though I haven't raced in years...Since 1990 I've run about 10 races...1993-94 about 5...1 random race on a holiday...2010 ran 4 races...already nearly 7 years since my last race...hard to believe...

Feeling rested and enthusiastic is enjoyable.

I am going to retire Aug 31st next year will have 31 years 4 months with USAA. I'm sick of it...good pay and benefits and good people to work with but the claims are crap...everything is too complicated now days...because of technology...what an absolute joke that it was going to make life easier...I doubt I could go back but every time there is some sort of update on the phone,..some fake enthusiastic email from some company bragging over how their new changes will improve my life...I cringe.

Stupid Apple is the worst I think...I have apple phones and James has an little laptop that cost twice as much as any other and I have not heard him rave one bit about how superior it was to our cheap little Lenovo.

Anyway keep at it...I'm jealous of your speed but my calf really put a damper on my dreams of the Olympics...Senior, Special or otherwise.

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