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in: simmo; simmo > 2017-01-28

Jan 30, 2017 2:04 AM # 
It was impossible to get this control without going in the green so I wouldn't have blamed anyone from approaching from either the east or west (it wasn't on my route but I noticed it afterwards). You cannot have collected it from the 'white' because there wasn't any! In fact there is no white on the entire map. Most people didn't notice it was green due to the light shade of green used so it was the course setter's responsibility to not use it.
Jan 30, 2017 4:02 AM # 
I came across the oval from 5, hit the top of the bank, looked over and realised it was bush, so checked the map and sure enough where I was there was green. I even looked at the legend at that point to confirm that colour green was OOB. The map showed that further North along the bank was rough open, so I ran along and descended the bank in what was shown as yellow then white next to the road. I realise now this white would be the road framing in OCAD - a practice which I sometimes use myself, but don't really like.

Approaching the control I could see that it was in green, and actually said so to another competitor who was there, so we both went in along the fence which seemed the most reasonable thing to do.

Agree with you that it shouldn't have been used, and probably would not have been if the green were a darker shade.
Jan 30, 2017 6:54 AM # 
Actually I did mean to change it to rough open / scattered trees but forgot to make the change. Originally I had the control on the corner close to the road, but when I visited the site I thought it was open enough with no "real" bush so I wanted the control to be a little less out of sight from the road. There were plenty of foot marks of people who had passed through.
Jan 30, 2017 2:57 PM # 
I use white framing for roads because it's easier than trying to hand draw areas within roads (which I did back in the early days) when you can just use the CTRL button in OCAD to outline the shape of the road and infill it that way. Framing makes the roads and/or paths more visible although probably only needs to be used for paths rather than roads.

Much of that green probably shouldn't have been OOB anyway but it seems standard practice for Metro events. I only make bush OOB on events if it's something like a conservation area (e.g. Warwick) or if the area happens to incorporate a sprint map with garden beds (a mistake I made with Churchlands whereby half the competitors ignored the briefing)!

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