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Discussion: Circuit

in: Bash; Bash > 2017-02-01

Feb 2, 2017 5:50 AM # 
Are the details of this circuit top secret?
Feb 2, 2017 1:46 PM # 
No, but I'm usually too lazy to write out my strength training! I don't know all the proper names for the exercises. It's being led by a chiro who doesn't normally do this but he assigns exercises to his patients. It's changing next week and has changed a little each time. Here's a typical session: 2 circuits of 1 min each, moving slowly and focusing on proper form/posture, switching legs/arms at half time if applicable:

Plank with feet on Swiss ball, slowly lift one leg off ball at a time

Kneel on Swiss ball, good posture to link torso with pelvis. (Spotter needed!)

Sideways step down: Stand on one foot on edge of step, lower other foot until heel just touches ground, then back up. All weight on upper foot, stay upright, no bending.

Bridge with feet on step

Side plank with upper leg on step, lower leg bent and held up (this might be the hardest one for me)

Side plank with lower leg on step, upper leg held up

Backward step down (very slow, like all moves) holding bar overhead. Same leg for 30 secs then switch.

1-legged deadlift with weight, back and leg stay in straight line, i.e. both get horizontal at the far point


Halo - half kneeling (one knee, switching at half time), both hands on medicine ball making circles overhead

Wood chop with medicine ball, half kneeling


Plank with elbow taps

One-legged squats

Monster walk with resistance bands, forward/back and sideways

Balance on upside down Bosu - whatever each person can do, spotter offered

Calf drop downs from step with weight, 1-legged, not too far, come up on 2 feet (I cheat and stick to one.)

Bridge with feet on step, alternating leg lifts to vertical

Hamstring curls, feet on Swiss ball

The target audience is a triathlon club although it's interesting to see some keen novices of different ages. Not everyone can do everything for a minute yet but that's OK.
Feb 2, 2017 4:04 PM # 
See if this works:

Pics with explanation
Feb 2, 2017 4:25 PM # 
That's a subset of the exercises from a previous week but it should be helpful if anyone wants to try them.
Feb 2, 2017 7:16 PM # 
Oh wow! Thanks for all the details! I'm always looking for new creative ideas for work and personal life and it's fun to see what others are doing!
Feb 2, 2017 7:18 PM # 
And you probably know the real names for all the exercises! :)

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