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in: USA & Canada - WOC/JWOC Team Trials OUSA National 3 day meet (Apr 28–30, 2017 - Saint Paul, MN, US)

Mar 3, 2017 3:25 AM # 
This 3 day meet has now been sanctioned as a national level meet by OUSA for the green, red and blue courses.

Not only are the OUSA senior and junior team trials taking place here but also Canadian team trials. The same red, green, blue and sprint courses are now open as a national sanctioned meet (so all can compete against the team hopefuls as well as getting national ranking points for 2017). Hope to see you there. Brown, orange , yellow courses also available but not sanctioned . Registration now open at

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Mar 8, 2017 10:50 PM # 
Glad to hear this! Thanks.
Apr 11, 2017 7:05 AM # 
I had a lot of fun at last year's team trials doing blue courses for the first time in many years but it took me a hell of a long time. It looks like that might not work this year.

For this event, I noticed that the time between last start and course closure on all three days (S .5 hour, M 1.5 hr, L 2 hr) is considerably less than the OUSA time limit rules (1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr respectively). Wouldn't you need to extend the closure to meet the rules, at least for the sanctioned courses? I know that this burdens you, since you have mentioned the difficulty in getting everything set up and torn down each day with a limited staff and the events so far from each other and from the Twin Cities.

On a related note, will the non-team-trialers start before or after the team-trialers? I'm guessing (and I would support) that, in order to reduce the risk of interference with the team trialers, you'll be starting the rest of us after, but if perchance it happens to be before, maybe I could still do the blues and finish at a reasonable hour.

I fully understand that this event's purpose is to serve the teams, and am not asking for any special favors for an old fart running out of his league. But some of the above points, such as rules issues, might apply to more than just me.
Apr 11, 2017 1:11 PM # 
o-maps : Thank you for your information about the timing of each of the 3 days and for pointing out the OUSA rules in regard to course closure. The schedule / timing of the events was quickly put together about 2 months ago before sanctioning and is a balancing act with many different factors. Non team triallers will be starting after team triallers. On a personal level, as an M60+ who finds green too short I sympathize with you and like to run up too.

We now have a better feel for timing on each day since we have finalized courses with control hanging plans to match, volunteer availability, competitor numbers, epunch equipment utilization , etc etc . The timing at the end of each day's events now is projected to be a lot looser than I had originally thought.

It looks like we will have no problem extending as follows:
S (Como) to 1 hr (very easy to keep track of people there) ,
M (Interstate 2hrs - relatively compact courses)
L - (MLK 3 hrs we expect to have all the blues started well before last start on red etc )

So in summary, we expect to publish "OUSA" compliant timing late this week and we certainly like to have older orienteers enjoy our terrain. We have been given very strict rules for the start list for OUSA team triallers but we can certainly be flexible for starts (it is a punching start) for others if need be so you don't feel rushed. We do expect all competitors to sign up for appropriate level courses for their abilities so that they can safely complete; it is a safety issue if folks who spend hours, can't navigate, run out of food/water and can't get back to the finish. It's a balance.

Thanks again for your help and hope to see you on April 28. There are some great courses out there waiting for you, I have run at all three locations in the last 2 weeks and had a blast .

Ian Harding

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