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Discussion: Lake Maria was the map for ...

in: Swampfox; Swampfox > 2017-05-03

May 5, 2017 4:50 PM # 
Lake Maria was the map for the first day. Small area, used a map change.

Lake Rebecca was the map for the third day. My recollection is that it was Sharon that first tried the route across the "lake" and after that, everyone went across. Dumb leg. Might have made sense if folks waiting to start couldn't watch the whole process.

Should the question be asked why we are sending a team to WOC?
May 6, 2017 5:42 AM # 
I could remember the name Lake Maria, and assumed when I came across Lake Maria St Pk, it must have been there and based on size, that was day 3. But now I'm wondering if it was some small section of that state park or some other location entirely; looking at a view of the state park and trying to remember what it was like where we ran, it's not lining up well--ha! At any rate, I wasn't going to come up with the name Lake Rebecca on my own, and thanks for filling that in.

You may well have it right that Sharon was the first to try the mud flat. If anything is clear from what I've written above, it is that my memory is suspect!

It's funny you ask about should we be sending a team to WOC, because that question was what came to mind when I saw the scoring list. And, actually, it's something I've thought a tiny bit about off and on for a while, going back to a few years ago when I was looking at the list of countries participating in whatever WOC it was that year, and noticing that a number of European countries--mostly countries stronger that we were/are--were sending smaller teams than we were. And that despite it presumably being less expensive for them to participate because of geographic proximity.

Because of my past participation in a number of WOCs at a team member, I don't know how objective I can be. But if you step back and ask the question of whether it is conceivable that there is some circumstance or set of circumstances where you wouldn't elect to send a team to WOC (absent something cataclysmic like war, biological disaster, or the election of Donald Trump), and answer yes, then I think that you could indeed step back in and ask the question you raise.
May 8, 2017 4:17 PM # 
I remember Lake Rebecca quite well. I was in 5th place heading into that third day and rather amazed that I might really have a shot at making the team.
I was one of the early starters - remember looking at the lake bed and deciding I wasn't going to be the first to try venturing across it.
Had an OK day with some minor bobbles, but at the end had slid down into 6th. Mostly attributable (at least in my mind in the days prior to epunching and reliable split data) to the sub optimal around the lake route.
Oh well - went to the World University Games instead that summer and again in '80, but was never that close to the Sr Team again - I let other things get in the way of my progress, while others kept improving.
May 9, 2017 5:39 PM # 
Jim, I think that along with you, Bob Rush was also pretty close to making the team--right? wrong? And I also seem to remember that on one of the Trials days, Bob beat Peter, and that it was the first time any cadet had done so. Well, maybe it was at some other event, but it is Bob and at the Team Trials that comes to mind.

After trying to revisit some of these events from the past (with better luck in some cases than in others!), another vague memory bubbled up: is it right that maybe we (the portion of the cadet team that went to the Team Trials) traveled in 2 different groups, with one group flying out on the Supe's plane? I remember something about that, but, if correct, can not go on to be sure if I was with the group on the Supe's plane or went out some other way. This really all stretches what I can remember--ha!

But I *do* remember seeing your University Games map--of somewhere in Finland, and that it almost looked like after the mapper was finished, that he had decided there weren't enough boulders on the map and so added a few thousand more black boulder circles--it was a very bouldery looking area.
May 11, 2017 1:21 AM # 
I think you're right about Bob Rush. As I remember Sue Baker made the team, but then she dropped from school to go off and do none-cadet stuff.
I think I was in the group that flew out on the Supe's plane - I remember that the West Point Parents group in the area put is up in various home - didn't know their cadet, but did see them the next year when they came to WP to visit him.
Yeah - Jyvaskyla Finland, where if a few boulders are good, a lot are better. And this part had rock everywhere.

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