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Discussion: Distance

in: Lard; Lard > 2017-06-03

Jun 4, 2017 7:26 AM # 
You're running some right long sessions nowadays, you aiming for a race in the summer? Good effort
Jun 4, 2017 8:16 PM # 
Yep. Signed up for the Lairig Ghru race in three weeks. Kacking it! Did you see JD's amazing BG time ?!?!
Jun 5, 2017 4:43 AM # 
Nice one, saw Ray Ward won that race once in 3.23, so you'll be out to beat his time?! You're keeping yourself in good shape, saw you totally destroyed everyone at the Scottish Champs. I've started to take Noah orienteering training at the local club in Lerum, he ran his first race at the weekend....with a little help from me! There was 800+kids under 16 at this local race I took him to, very impressive setup. Orienteering has become cool again in Sweden for both kids and adults, people are looking for tough challenges out in the nature..........can't help thinking British (English) orienteering is going in the wrong direction with their focus on 15min races around council estates!
Jun 6, 2017 2:21 PM # 
Oh, yeh, I'm gonna smash that time! :-) To the head of the pass, maybe....
Keeping myself in better shape - but just average puntering really. Scottish Champs was my aim and I seem to have peaked really well (again!). Gave it my all. Matthew has been doing whites and yellows for a while now - he enjoys it but we don't really push the orienteering - more about meeting up with pals and having his own private adventure. Both kids doing Junior Parkrun in Stirling (2k) when there's no orienteering on a Sunday (quite a lot at the moment - Scots don't like orienteering when it's sunny for some reason!!??!!).
English O is screwed. Scottish O is holding its head up - mainly due to less beaurocracy and more active & involved Board. They still have a forest classic series and some good relays etc FVO are going from strength to strength :-)
Do you guys fancy a visit from my family? We really enjoyed visiting last time .....No pressure mind, I know life is busy. You guys welcome here too :-)
Jun 7, 2017 4:20 AM # 
You're a driving force Jason, you've obviously been a big part of making FVO successful just like Claro back in the 90's. My lasting fun memory of British orienteering before moving to Sweden a few months later in 1998 was when our Claro team 1 and team 2 went off in the lead together on last leg at the British Relay Champs, those old boys in SYO shit their pants (they were lucky Jamie saved them on last leg and we unlucky that Siggy was knackered from tiomila the night before, and remember Andy Kitchen was going round trying to get Andre disqualified for not being British, Andy Kelly had to quote him the BOF rule to shut him up! haha.
Yep English O choose the wrong path and now they're screwed big time, you see there were the same number of M80's as M10's running the JK (14 runners!) -
with those type of figures BOF employees should have been sacked on the spot. Noah ran a local o race in the forest here yesterday - there were over over 100 ten year olds and probably at least another 100 under 10's. When you look at the races at the world cups and the test races in Estonia (GPs replays) you see that we're falling further behind our international competitors in the forest. Ralph is basically the only man right up there.......though with the right support I think Alan Cherry and MacLeod could be really good. Without funding for the national team and junior camps the forest side of the sport will gradually die out.
You know you're always welcome across, when are you thinking about coming over, be fun to tie it in with an o-race
Jun 7, 2017 10:18 AM # 
Them were t'days! Claro was ace - I've recently Facebooked Andre and it's been good to catch up. Saw Rob Baker (and family) at the Scottish Champs...seeing Jamie Doe(Buckley) and family in a few weeks. Good to catch up and we're all plugging away at staying fit and having life adventures :-)
The squad has done amazing work over the last few years on limited resources, I would never diss Liz Campbell and the sterling stuff they're doing. Sadly, lack of funding has seen the forest side investment reduce in recent years but there stills is a small,select crew of keen and determined individuals that are plugging away (like it was back the day with Heather/Yvette/Jon/Jamie etc). Hopefully, now Jackie has gone, we can get some refocus at the pyramidal base and start developing again....but we've lost 10 years I'd say.
Where are the "festivals" of orienteering - lots of fun and some orienteering on the side, that's what I miss....
Gothenberg - any local races on in July/August? We have a few long weekends available.... :-)
Jun 9, 2017 1:44 PM # 
When your kids back in school? There's a 3 day event in the middle of August (18-20th) in Gothenburg, great terrain (world cup took place there in middle 90's). I'm back at work then but you're welcome anyway. Otherwise Gothenburg o scene is dead through July
Jun 14, 2017 11:45 AM # 
Mmmm, I'll look into it. Jase

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