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Discussion: WOC training camps in QOC land

in: ken

Jul 23, 2017 6:28 PM # 
Hey dude,

I'm looking at WOC 2018 relevant terrain in the US to organize training camps. Checking stuff out on DOMA, it seems like QOC has a lot of maps that are pretty similar. Here are the training maps so you can get an idea for what the terrain is like.

I'm interested to know what people who regularly run on QOC maps think. What do you think could be the most relevant to the Latvian WOC in your area? What area has vegetation with significantly reduced visibility? Whatever tips you can give me are great. Thanks, man!
Jul 23, 2017 8:53 PM # 
Hmm, probably a lot of good options. Our green stuff here is pretty seasonal though, or at least the visibility improves a lot once the leaves are down. What time of year are you thinking?

In terms of areas that could support multi-session training camps, Prince William Forest comes to mind immediately (it really looks a lot like those training maps), and I bet the nearby Classic Champs will be pretty relevant. Probably hard to get in for extra training there or on the Marine Base's Combat Village maps.

The Hemlock Overlook / Fountainhead and Meadowood / Pohick Bay / Mason Neck areas are close by and will have lower visibility outside of winter, but may be slightly less relevant contour-wise.

You might also consider Little Bennet (not as feature-rich) or Elk Neck (DVOA?)

Some of our maps are very green but also thorny (Greenbelt?), which I'm guessing is less relevant in addition to highly unpleasant.

You can take a look through the QOC routegadget

QOC gang- where else am I forgetting?

Definitely also consider the Atlanta area. A lot of the GAOC maps might actually be too open for your purposes, at least in the winter (GNC national event in January). But they might be able to suggest something relevant.
Jul 23, 2017 11:39 PM # 
Besides Prince William Forest, which definitely seems relevant, I would say some OCIN maps look similar to these. But I imaging, a camp in Prince William around the time of the classic champs seems like a good idea and should be doable.
Jul 24, 2017 6:12 AM # 
I was worried about how much visibility would improve in the winter. In that case night-O would be a good option for winter and early spring.

I have found a few other locations around the States that are very similar to this--Yellowwood in Indiana, OCIN maps, GAOC maps, Southern Virginia and North Carolina maps--but I was hoping to find something a little closer to where I'm planning on living this year (the Northeast). I hope to organize several WOC-specific training camps this year around the country, some timed to coincide with meets while others will not be. But having a space that's relatively convenient for me is pretty sweet.

What is land use like at Prince William and other QOC maps? Would there be any problem with me and perhaps a small group going out to train there?
Jul 24, 2017 7:41 PM # 
Most areas (including PWF) don't require a special permit for small groups. I'm not aware of any that allow informal night use, though the club is able to get permits from a few places for night events.
Jul 31, 2017 2:34 AM # 
Rarely do I get the chance to curse that our maps aren't green enough.

More seriously, I don't have much to add to Ken et al. We've got plenty of spur and reentrant terrain, mostly not quite as intricate as the typical training map claimed to be relevant to middle/long/relay, and without the spur and reentrant crossed with glacial negative topography character I'm seeing in the training maps - the high ground on our maps has many fewer small hilltops and natural depressions, let alone manmade knolls and depressions. Still, I can't think of anywhere else in the US where I'm sure there are significantly more relevant or significantly more equally relevant maps than we boast.

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