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Discussion: You should walk

in: Bags; Bags > 2017-08-26

Aug 27, 2017 4:42 PM # 
some races! 2:30 miles...
My mom gave me some letters that I wrote home from Lackland and Keesler. Funny to read now. Not so funny then.
Aug 27, 2017 8:34 PM # 
I am not going to put down 4 hours for a round of golf...I'm converting the effort to running a mile as far as time and actually most rounds of golf are more like 5 miles...I could convert it to 4 or 5 miles at 16Plus per mile and put down like an hour and 5 minutes but I started doing it that way several years ago.

One thing I'm not logging is my non run excercises I could put down probably an hour to hour and half a week of situps, weights, jumps, etc.

Note I used to not count several miles a week of warmup jogging for races and workouts and I wonder if some of the mega mileage guys like Clayton and whats his name from England...gosh I just read about him and watched a video not two weeks ago...he ran 200 miles...Bedford...he's still involved in running like Seb Coe is...adminstrative type things.
Aug 27, 2017 8:44 PM # 
Separately today in one of those two running emails there was an article about Jack Daniels (ironic name) that helped the distance guys in 1968 get ready for Mexico. Most people did not realize how bad it was going to be...he told Ryun he probably would run about 4:30...Ryun did not believe him but went up there awhile later and ran...a very painful 4:30 mile. Ironically the ole Oregon coach was involved with the team I forget his name...jeez I just finished Kenny Moore's Men of Oregon biography about him...he actually was the catalyst for Nike more than anyone...I can see his face...crap...anyway Ryuns 3:37 at 7K altitude was incredible as was Keino's 3:34 even though he was altitude born it still was about a 3:30 effort...he missed out on epic performance like Beamons' 29 feet.

The article was about follow up measurement of guys like Ryan and yes...Gerry Lindgren...a lot of them had gained about 20 plus pounds and lost about 35% or so of their oxygen in take ability...ironically they were in a range of 24min to 29 min 5k equivelents one could match that old geezer that runs 100 miles a week now and the super distance times...of course I forget his name too...but he looks oldre than his age even tho he runs as if he were 25 years younger.

Googled...cheated...Bill Bowerman of course and Ed Whitlock who is 5 years oldre than I thought...85 now and ran 3:56 mar last year...he ran 3:15 when he was 80 and I remember that but it seems like only a couple of years I guess father time is catching up as he's lost 40 minutes last 5 years...
Aug 27, 2017 8:48 PM # 
Daniels said if the guys lost the 20plus pounds their oxygen uptake would increase a lot...I can't seem to drop anymore weight...I guess Chrissy is right...she will not drink Coke/Dr Pepper. She drinks lots of water and really watches her food...she has no wrinkles on her face at 53 1/2. I think she could pass for 10 years younger easily while I've gone from baby face to wrinkle face kinda like Tommy Lee Jones (note I met a friend of my ole bosses that actually looked like him/Tommy Lee and his voice was the same also! Played linebacker for Texas Texas about the time I lived in Lubbock...where Buddy Holly was from....American Pie. It's the sign Koski...the sign I've gone over the edge.

Hope you are well and the kids.

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