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Discussion: Final Meet Information and Directions

in: Falls Classic - Letchworth State Park (Sep 16–17, 2017 - Castile, NY, US)

Sep 13, 2017 6:14 PM # 

The members of the Rochester Orienteering Club and the staff of Letchworth State Park welcome you to the 2017 Falls Classic. Those of you returning to the park will notice that a new railroad trestle is under construction. When it is completed the old one will be taken down. The trestle construction has closed the south entrance to the park and limited access to some of orienteering map near the railroad tracks.
The West side of the park has numerous overlooks, a new nature center, hiking trails, three waterfalls and a museum worthy of a visit. The park charges $10 per vehicle on the West side between the hours of 9-5. Those attending the AGM on Saturday afternoon will need to pay the entry fee despite our efforts to get a waiver. The scenic park highway and all the other attractions are on the West side so people could visit them before or after the AGM
The Sunday event is on the West side starting at 9 so if you arrive early you can avoid the fee. There is no charge on the East side for the Saturday event. The East side of the park has the Finger Lakes Trail and the Mt. Morris Dam, tour and Visitor Center.
Letchworth was honored as the number one state park in the America and is often called the “Grand Canyon Of The East”. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Saturday Sep 16
Letchworth State Park East Side | Portageville, NY
9:00 - Registration Opens (Parade Grounds Shelter)
10:00 - First bus to O-B starts. Ten minute trip. Goes every 20 minutes. Start near drop -off
W & Y start is five minute walk from the shelter.
11:00 - First Start
13:00 - First recreational starts (60min window)
16:00 - Courses Close
12:00-15:00 - Picnic
16:00 - OUSA AGM at Humphrey Nature Center ( 15 minute drive to West side)

Sunday Sep 17
Letchworth State Park West Side | Castile, NY
08:00 - Registration Opens (Trailside Lodge)
09:00 - First Start (500M from Lodge with no climb)
11:00 - First recreational starts (60min window)
13:00 - Courses Close
13:30 - Awards (People leaving early may pick up their awards when everyone on their course has finished at the awards table)


We will be using a four stage “silent” start. Assembly area will be 25M from first line and have water, start list, clothing drop clear/check boxes and any special course instructions for the courses for the day.
1- Go to the first line when the clock displays you actual start time. Will check your competitor and SI numbers. (Late starts should go to lane to the right of the start).
2- Punch Check Box
3- Get clue sheets (scissors and tape available)
4- Get your map, punch and run to start triangle.
Water stops will be marked on your map and will be on roads and trails and not at controls. Water only.
All competitors must come through the finish so that we are sure that you are safely out of the woods. Failure to do this may trigger a search and rescue mission involving the State Police and other rescue organizations. Competitors will be allowed to keep their maps, but proper sportsmanship assumes that they will not be shown to other competitors until they have completed their courses.
All competitors are required to download their results even if they have not completed their course or are overtime (3 hours).
Awards will be determined based on cumulative times for both days. We will be awarding all third place awards in category at the same time and then move on to second and first. Awards will be available at the awards table as soon as your category is complete if you are planning on leaving early.
An area will be set up each day centered around a playground with a supply of soccer balls and frisbees for children to hang out with their parents or another adult. A short string-o will also be set up. Parents are expected to supervise their own children. ROC will have a volunteer on site. No fee.
If you ordered a picnic lunch it will be available when you finish and a tent with tables and chairs will be near the finish. Your name will be on a list. There are no tickets. A computer glitch in the registration software has left some doubt about the number of people who ordered a picnic lunch. We have some extra sandwiches and are hoping for the best. If you don’t get the sandwich you ordered we will give you a refund.
Maps for all the courses will be posted outside the lodge for your review as soon as the last person has started.
An ambulance crew will be on site each day.
The annual general meeting of OUSA will take place at the Humphrey Nature Center on the west side of the park starting 4:00PM. Look for additional information online.
course, distance, climb, # of controls

Day 1
White 2.3k 45m 14
Yellow 2.9k 65m 12
Orange 4.5k 120m 11
Brown X 4.2k 180m 13
Brown Y 3.9k 100m 12
Green X 6.0k 230m 14
Green Y 5.8k 225m 12
Red X 8.2k 295m 16
Red Y 8.2k 395m 17
Blue 10.4k 450m 19

Day 2
White 2.2k 40 12
Yellow 2.8k 50m 12
Orange 4.0k 140m 13
Brown X 4.1k 145m 12
Brown Y 3.6k 125m 11
Green X 5.3k 190m 15
Green Y 5.8K 180m 12
Red X 6.9k 290m 18
Red Y6.8k 255m 20
Blue 9.2k 380m 20

Day 1 & 2
White 5000
Yellow 5000
Orange 10,000
Brown 7,500
Green 10,000
Red 10,000
Blue 10,000


White F-10, M-10 F-12,M-12, White-Open
Yellow F-14, M-14, F-Yellow, M-Yellow
Orange F-16, M-16, F-Orange, M-Orange
Brown X F-18, F55+, F60+, F65+,M65-M75+
Brown Y F70 -, F90+, M80+, M85+, M90+,
F-Brown, M-Brown
Green X M-18, M50+, M55+,M60+,M-Green
Green Y F-20, F35+ - F50+, F-Green
Red X M35+, M40+, M45+
Red Y F-21+, M-20, M-Red
Blue M21


Letchworth State Park, known as the Grand Canyon of the East, provides a perfect example of negative relief. The most outstanding features of the park are the steep hillsides, ending in spectacular shale cliffs along the Genesee River. Reentrants that cut into the hillsides are similar, steep sides ending in shale cliffs near the bottom. The steep hillsides are terraced, a feature not always obvious on the map. The terraces create easier running when going parallel to the contours but make for some really steep slopes when running perpendicular.
The park also has a mix of rolling hills with a moderate trail network. Major trails have blazes and are very apparent. Indistinct trails are not blazed and tend to disappear in places. Deer trails are numerous and are not mapped but do offer pathways through the thicker vegetation.
Vegetation varies from open pine forest to forest with undergrowth to very uncomfortable briars. The ample rain throughout the summer contributed to the growth of vegetation in general but especially to wild rose briars. These are unlikely to decrease by meet time. Rough open is quite tall in places, often over waist high. There are plenty of seepages that vary with the amount of rainfall, most can be identified by the fern growth, not all are mapped. Fortunately, there are plenty of areas of open woods that are a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees. Distinct evergreen trees are mapped with a green circle but only where they are lone and big. Green X's indicate lone deciduous trees. In areas with numerous large trees only the most obvious ones are mapped. There is some POISON IVY, those who are allergic should wear leg and ankle cover.
Despite a lot of rain early on, the water levels in the woods are generally as shown on the map. Many of the small ponds and many of the streams have water...but this could change depending on the amount of rainfall in the weeks before the meet.
East Side caution: Everyone, but parents especially, needs to be aware that the cliffs leading down to the gorge are, at certain points, fairly close to the trail running along the top. THESE CLIFFS ARE VERY DANGEROUS! They can be unstable along the edges. We have put yellow "DO NOT CROSS" tape along part of the area nearest the event center. Please emphasize to your children and anyone else who is looking to see what is down there that they should not cross the tape or venture out onto the edge.

Basic Written Directions From Rochester. Should be signed.

Day 1

Exit 390 South at Mt. Morris
Drive West into town
Turn left onto 408 South to Nunda
Take a right in Nunda on 436 West and go toward Portageville
Park entrance is on the right just before the hill into Portageville
Follow Park Road to Parade Grounds Shelter

Day 2

Exit 390 South at Mt. Morris
Drive West into town
Turn right onto 36N Main St.
Park entrance just out of the town on the left. Beautiful drive, but speed limit just 25MPH so it will take a little longer.
Otherwise keep going west to Rt. 36 to Perry Rd. and go left.
Follow to Rt. 39 and take 39S to the park entrance on your right.


Safe Travels!

Rick & Linda
Sep 13, 2017 6:23 PM # 
On Saturday --

Delegate Check-in for the OUSA AGM is open from 3:00-4:00 pm at the Humphrey Nature Center.

Please arrive sufficiently before 4 pm to check yourself or your delegation in so that the AGM opening is not delayed.

The AGM is expected to last about an hour (and be followed by a board meeting).

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