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Discussion: that was some email huh! ...

in: Mr Wonderful; Mr Wonderful > 2017-09-24

Sep 26, 2017 1:57 PM # 
that was some email huh!

I was a bit chucked at the end when I realized we had no shot at actually getting back on time. We would have needed to skip the entire 21-24 section like Ross/Scott did to actually get back on time. Perhaps had he billed it in the registration as a challenge to just finish on time, then it would have been fine knowing going in. But that was quite a departure from GYB for an additional 2 hours race. Being that we had almost no planning time to figure out the 7 different scaled not connecting maps, and also not being familiar with the local area, in which the two parks were disjointed at best, I had no clue until we were cycling around the lake that we were that far, nearly an hour from the finish essentially.

But being that we were all in the same boat essentially, as we had maybe 15 minutes were of error, and we were all within 30 minutes of each of other basically, I guess it soothes the burn a little.
Sep 26, 2017 2:20 PM # 
Mr Wonderful:
Yeah, with only 40 or so minutes without briefing but with maps and until the start, I never got around to scalexing backwards to get my own suggested departure times.

I eyeballed the the paddle to start/finish via 29 and 30 as "about five miles" but it was more like nine miles...too much time thinking about 1:1x instead of the 1:24 I needed to think about.

Infiterra always used to have "leave by" guides, based off something modest like 10 mph biking, helpful when planning time is tight/non existent. That alone for each TA might have bumped up the finish rate.

If we had skipped 29/30, it would have been close, probably in the penalty zone but ranked? If we had skipped the entire second paddle, we get back with 29 and 30 and 20 minutes to chase flags.

In general, I sort of expected the winners finish between 4-5 hours sort of format and crudely guessed how much we should push based on that.

This isn't the craziest six hour race - there was a SmartBlast with a comparable unranked rate, but higher attendance so like 40 unranked teams. The biggest contributor was something like a 4-6 mile paddle back to the finish! Again, success in that race revolved around skipping o points at the farthest out section, with still 2-3 hrs to go, which is really hard to let go if you want to go big. I was unranked.

I liked the course otherwise, just wanted an extra 60 minutes or so to play on it!!
Sep 26, 2017 3:04 PM # 
I considered bailing when we used our canoe to pan for gold. But yes, an extra hour or two would have been appreciated. Although, I was crushed at the end so not sure I had another hour in me. I ran out of fluids right at 6 hours and was delirious biking up the crazy hill west of Yates Cider Mill. In my highest gears, barely moving, when a cop yelled at us to go faster. When I rolled my eyes, I nearly passed out.

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