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Discussion: hip and core stuff at Runners World site

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Sep 28, 2017 2:40 PM # 
I am finding my left butt cheek hurts...not so sure it is the joint itself...maybe partially...for about a month now. Also finding I can do my jog walk starting mostly walk and work into it and run over a mile at the end on 5 mile or more runs...can push through the discomfort as it levels off before real pain...more like a sore muscle type soon as I stop no real problems...the area tightens or hurts some later but not too bad at all.

I've been doing hip stuff, but looked at Runners World site again today and found more stuff...some of it is hard to understand how to do, especially if there is only a still photo and writing...videos help a lot...I did the basics awkwardly today on a lot...hopefully not too much...some of them were really working the hip core area. I'll just keep at it.

They keep emphasizing chocolate milk is great for you especially after a run. Why not during run? I remember about 78 or 79 we went up to run the Paavo Nurmi...Keenan went with us and seems like at least one other maybe two runners...maybe Jay?

Someone...I think Keenan acted like dairy products before race were bad...not sure if dairy products is exactly right or something in them...I drank a shake anyway at some hamburger stand and I believe that is the run they would not let me enter so I ran it unentered and got my Paavo t-shirt and ran about 2:33 or better.

Unbelievably I've forgotten my actual PR for the marathon. It is in the range of 2:32:30-2:33:30 approx and very close in that range.
Sep 28, 2017 6:20 PM # 
Ha! forgot your PR. Dementia?
I remember that race. I think Jay and I got drunk the night before (shock!)
Dairy is hard on the guts before/during a race.
Sep 29, 2017 6:22 PM # 
Speak for your own guts...I'm only half-kidding. I do not think dairy bothers me much if at all...but then again a marathon is a different animal. I drank 4 or 5 gulps of chocolate milk today and I was fine...but then again I'm running like a dead man going backwards on their heels carrying a sack of potatoes.

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