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Discussion: Ski-O Champs

in: kadley

Oct 12, 2017 4:07 PM # 
Hey Ken, I've been thinking about the issue we talked (very briefly) about of scheduling the US Champs so they can be accessible to juniors, i.e. on the weekend. You mentioned the obvious issue that the course-setters don't need even more to do in an already very busy week, but that if I or someone else could volunteer to take that on then it could maybe be a possibility.

At this point it's not entirely clear if I can take that week off and go myself, but assuming that part can somehow be worked out and with only some educated guessing at all the constraints in play from the WC/WMOC events I was looking over the schedule to try to figure out what could work.

In order to get in an SML I was thinking to put a Long on Friday using mostly(?) existing WC/WMOC controls. But even if there are few US Champs competitors to add who are not already competing in WC/WMOC, I'm guessing rules might not allow them to start until all WC/WMOC have finished? And if the same is true of WMOC not being able to start until WC have finished then there aren't possibly enough hours of daylight to run 3 non-overlapping L events in 1 day. Assuming a non-overlapping constraint the only thing that could possibly work on Friday would be a Sprint.

Saturday is the Sprint Relay and that being Open I think you said you wanted folks to participate in that. I don't see time of day listed yet for the events but maybe there would be time to squeeze in a Middle in the afternoon.

And then add either a Long on Sunday if it didn't happen on Friday, or a Sprint if it did.

The downside to trying to add stuff at the end of the existing schedule is obviously that it requires the equipment to stay around longer, even if it's being lugged around by different people. And it's unclear how many people would actually take advantage of the weekend opportunity. No doubt it would be more than just juniors, but how many really?

This is mostly just a conversation starter. I'm sure some of you folks have been discussing this at length and may well have some/all of it already nailed down. And some/most of you are likely to see it here. If it's already set then just say that and I will stop trying to scheme a solution. If not then let's talk possibilities.

Oct 13, 2017 5:37 PM # 
Let's discuss this weekend with Alex (course setter) and Ed (tech director).

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