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Discussion: some comments

in: Work4justice; Work4justice > 2017-10-22

Oct 23, 2017 1:51 PM # 
Mr Wonderful:
2 - nothing wrong with trails, other than you need a strong feature exit . It sort of undulates along the trail, so I would have been somewhat tempted to cut in earlier to skirt the big depression as my rock solid trail exit feature. Unfortunately the loop around that swamp is super slow (did it in pickup). If you had spotted the swamp yo could have doubled back asap and saved five minutes I wager.

3 - I fear missing ditches, so I like to get on the hill's breaking point so I know I'll pick it up. Nice quick save though, no harm done

4 - bearing is fine, also you could go fast by just riding the slope as you tick off ditches

5 - I don't like to change my plans either, although if you get that far over, audible is fair game

6 - Track looks fine. Distraction here shouldn't be too bad, you are just locked into that valley so you don't have to worry too much.

7 - Quite an aggressive approach, without huge anchor before it, well done. I would have been panicking a bit unless I could really read that reentrant or the swamp. Nicely executed

8 - I wouldn't worry about picking the wrong way, I'd just use that 6 miles * 8:00/mile fitness to hammer the trail once picked. An imperfect route at full confidence and exploiting your fitness is better than worrying about it and second guessing.

When did you pick the route for this leg to 8? There were a few good opportunities to look ahead - your 1-2 before you got too far down the trail, or to #6 once locked into the valley, eg.

11 - exit from 10 could be tighter to the big hill, and the big hill would ensure correct direction. Woods are nice, run fast here for sure! I say this in part because I've been off to the right a bit near where you went and ended up marshed out - it can be a tricky area if your guard isn't at 100%.

12 - ah, the danger of hitting too close to a junction. I intentionally picked up the trail a little more to the right of you, ensuring an easy left turn decision to hit the junction. Compass should have thrown you fits, but you were great once turned around

13 - fine choice

14 - did you consider the saddle just left of your over-the-top? minor detour, a line or two saved

15 - I considered a variation of your route - backtrack to the trail, then hammer all the way to beach. Sometimes I figure, either short cut or don't, so a semi short cut to run 20-30% longer is less effective than a short cut to run straight.

A fine return to forest orienteering. Mostly very good, just a few hiccups, but nothing you don't know how to fix.

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