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Discussion: Route

in: tRicky; tRicky > 2017-11-06

Nov 7, 2017 5:06 AM # 
interesting choice!

I am surprised you didnt drop 25,24,23 and go 28>27>26>22 and then pick up 2 at the start or finish.

would have saved you a bit of distance i think. A quick google shows not as much saved as I think maybe 100m.
Nov 7, 2017 6:24 AM # 
Well I didn't measure the route beforehand but my original plan before I went out was to drop 25, 24 & 23 and collect 27 & 26 but then I had a look while I was out there and thought going across the top got me three controls rather than two for not much extra distance so I just did that.
Nov 7, 2017 6:54 AM # 
fair enough
Nov 7, 2017 6:57 AM # 
Now I wish I hadn't run because the physio told me if my knee was hurting when I run then I could potentially be making it heal incorrectly. I probably should know this.
Nov 7, 2017 7:19 AM # 
make sure you take it easy this weekend
Nov 7, 2017 7:33 AM # 
Are you going around with the pram?
Nov 7, 2017 7:36 AM # 
nope - Dave will be dragging my fat ass around the course.
Nov 7, 2017 7:46 AM # 
Well that's not very fair. We're handicapping ourselves by not going out for the full four hours so I think you need to take the pram.
Nov 7, 2017 7:58 AM # 
I think your reasonably safe - I haven't seen a sub 6min km average speed since December last year and only had 3 times in the 5-6 minute bucket in 2016. suffice to say my form is exceptionally bad.

Given my current form is closer to the 7-8 bucket when I'm running and I'm not planning on running that much on Saturday you shouldn't be too concerned. There's probably people who are bigger threats than us
Nov 7, 2017 8:04 AM # 
in fact best effort on novelty rogaine is 8:57/km and 8:58/km the following year and that was 2 years ago when I was quite a bit fitter. So I would guess 9:30-10min kms lets say 25km top side.

8 mins per km ur at 22.5 in 3hrs - I think you'll still beat us at 3hrs with not too much effort.
Nov 7, 2017 8:11 AM # 
8mins per km would be doing well with all the stop/starts to answer, or find the answer to, questions. Last year we did 8:25min/km and I didn't have a broken knee.
Nov 7, 2017 8:57 AM # 
last year had more hills - the setter was a prick :P
Nov 7, 2017 9:01 AM # 
At tRickys event last week I had four people complain to me that the Rogaine clashes with metro this year and why can't it be like last year? I told them the only reason it worked so well last year was because you set both events. You should have seen their minds blow up.

I think they didn't even race in both either...
Nov 7, 2017 9:05 AM # 
im not sure many/any did. people certainly hung around and mingled. but I think those who would have done metro afterwards where pretty spent from the heat.
Nov 7, 2017 10:34 AM # 
Yeah nobody did both and as I've already explained to one person via email, there was no way possible I could have set a nearby venue to the rogaine because the location wasn't released until this week. I didn't even know the general area until a month ago and our calendar was pretty much finalised well before that. It'll only work if they're either on different days or at least a couple of hours apart but neither organisation is going to change.

Ironically I had been prepared to set the Metro event last year on the Sunday (as we did with various others) until Bryce decided to set both!

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