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Discussion: Boston and Edmond...Twin Cities

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Apr 17, 2018 11:36 AM # 
Read about Boston Marathon. HOrrible you said in your Sunday log...hope the knee continues to improve...good sign it felt much better...I'm tired of fighting things though. At some point instead of getting tougher I feel beaten.

Exhausted right now. Probably 8 forms of cancer.

Guess most of the elite runners were not able to handle the has to be mentally discouraging for the miles not to be clicking off...and there is cold, wind and that is a horrible combination for sure.

Not that I have to tell you this but back off and get to the starting line. Running a few extra miles is not worth it at our age. I'm going to gear down this week...I put in a big surge of miles getting up to 12 or 13 last year one Sunday...then after a month of 10 milers or more I crashed and never did feel much stronger or faster as I would have in the olden golden days.

I've said this before but it would be interesting and fun to 'slip into' my 25 year old body and run a few workouts...since 9 minute pace feels like 6 minute pace I guess a 6 min pace would feel like 4 min miles. Everytime I blinked another mile would go by. That's why I could add miles to a planned 15 more minutes and add 2.25 or so miles versus today it would be barely over a mile more.

You have decades of running. Get to the starting line...if you feel good and the weather cooperates I think you will run a 'good time'.
Apr 17, 2018 10:10 PM # 
I missed your 18 mile run somehow. Wow. Terrible year for weather except for a few nice days.
Apr 18, 2018 3:06 PM # 
I'm seeing a 60 degree day in the next week! So ready.

I'm also going to buy myself a new really nice bike for a retirement present to myself.I love biking and it will help my running.
Apr 18, 2018 4:03 PM # 
Biking both helps and hurts my knees...if I do too much I get achy, but when I stop I feel like my knees gradually get weaker and thus tend to ache or hurt or get 'twinges' that scare me but usually are nothing. Fall of 83 I bought a 10 speed and rode it to work 6 miles and ran 32:30 10K and I felt the difference was the bike. I was in Altus working at the lumber yard and the 'weight lifting' of loading and unloading trucks and pickups also helped me...I was not doing lots of speed or running with anyone at the time.
Apr 18, 2018 4:06 PM # 
I've said this every spring since went on Attackpoint. It feels like spring in Okieland has shifting one month later. These winds and wild temp swings were typical of April you had a more consistent weather pattern...less wind and warmer.

Noticed April of 1995 after the OKC Murrah Building bombing Aprils seemed cooler...the next morning while it was dark I drove downtown and saw the lit up building (still searching for survivors at that point) and there was a cold light rain falling. Of course that could happen any April but the overall temp and amount of wind definitely seems different than my memories.

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