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Discussion: Heart scan

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May 2, 2018 6:51 PM # 
They mostly are looking for calcium blockage areas. They check main arteries and their bigger 'branches'. At 400 count you are at serious risk of problems...Chrissy has ZERO. Nothing. I had 336...which is barely acceptable...kinda like my prostate test...barely under the red alert area (although my count had dropped this year).

Magnesium is one of best calcium fighters. Read where calcium is being pushed way too much...when magnesium is what you need to 'put calcium into your bones'....gross oversimplification I'm sure on my part. Also baking soda and this other sodium thiosulfate that is also a good chlorine remover in pools...go figure. I'm kinda scared of the thiosulfate but I'll add more magnesium and drink some juice with baking soda in it (it bubbles up especially with lemon juice).

I've always felt my heart was my biggest weakness in not being a better runner. Maybe if I can unclog the calcium I'll achieve some sort of running boost. Going to keep Googling away.

Why don't you google energy...maybe you are low on potassium, iron or b12. When I was reading there was a blurb about soda boosting...for running...maybe try some baking soda mixture. Also try some big berry boost...raspberry, strawberry, blue, black, etc, etc. You have fitness now...a little respite will not hurt you. YOu just need to make it to the starting line fit and energetic.
May 3, 2018 12:08 PM # 
One of the many 'helpful criticisms' among tens of thousands of daily verbs lectures by Chrissy (in her own mental state of chemical imbalance she really is trying to help me but the viciousness and nonstop quality of the lecturing offsets her intents billions of times over) the horrible vices of sex and no no haha...drinking...yes...cola.

We she can waive her heart printout under my nose and boast of her salads and lemon water as proof of her warnings being true. Like the known health hazards of diet sodas (ironically drank for health/calorie reasons) cola itself seems to be a culprit in calcium buildup. I'll read up on it myself but she badgered me with internet wisdom including yesterday of course that sounds reasonable.

Is a gold medal worth cut back even more on Coke? Actually I do wished I could run Grandmas and our own Memorial marathons or at least the half marathons someday. At less than 9 min pace and preferably better than that.

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