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Discussion: Great result.

in: philm64; philm64 > 2018-05-06

May 11, 2018 7:36 AM # 
Old Daniel:
I am really pleased you have got over your injury

Interesting this is one of the 2007 JK control sites. Its a little lower and there are some fallen trees which may have hidden the control, perhaps that was the difficulty this time?

The trick here is that you have to use the Brown, and you need an AP. What was yours? If its a bit more hit and hope you may be in trouble on what was without a doubt a much, much harder control than any other on the course.
Maybe its one where its best to slow and read all the detail?

Before the control there is a deep re-entrant with a long spur and a path on top (and control flag) going down the hill there are two flatter areas. The big spur just beyond the control, the re-entrant itself and the distinctive shaped re-entrant further round and higher are all clear.

If you go down too far east there are some small re-entrants - three are marked on the map, they are pretty small but all there. I would say Dave Peel has the contours pretty much spot on here, which is perhaps not surprising as now ex LIDAR and it all fits together quite well relative to possible APs as you go through slowly.
May 11, 2018 1:59 PM # 
Thanks - I'm delighted & surprised my calf is better. i skipped the JK & just did some climbing & walking. Didn't push the running. Lucky me.

I am baffled by the re-entrants that I (and Nigel Bunn) were swimming around in just above the path to the south (east of the control & lower down). they're not on the map, but they should be if its ex Lidar. I agree my AP wasn't good enough - i went thru the two bollards / "stones" in the semi open, and plan was to go into forest (immediately felt wrong) missing the climb of the steep spur, and drop into control . It never felt right. i contoured along (as did Martin Ward - he must have been higher), and felt I had lost touch. So i was at risk of an error - but when i went back in again from just above the bridge on the path, i had little joy again. Well. one area for improvement for me, is to identify "very difficult" controls - eg. no 7, I know could be bad, so slowed down & stayed accurate...... nearly nailed it & took the lead there. Which i promptly lost.

No idea when I'm forest-O ing again now! oh well. I'm crap at Urbans - too slow! (plus I'm not racing the BOK ones),....
May 11, 2018 6:57 PM # 
Old Daniel:
As you are retired, go over or next time you are in the FOD go over and take a look, If you go to Brierley Village on A4136 there is a garage, turn south immediately opposite and you can drive in and park. Go over the top navigating from feature to feature, choose the strong stuff, it would be a great training experience. Its very different looking at a map at slow speed. Do it from the top first -its easier and then contour, it is 4/5 contours up. You will also get to see the family (herd?, flock?, pack?) of a dozen or so pigs that live there, who will have hidden in the race.

If you do get a chance I would be interested to know the results, if map is dodgy we need to give it some thought

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