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Discussion: MRI results?

in: acjospe; acjospe > 2018-05-21

May 23, 2018 9:50 AM # 
MRI results?
May 23, 2018 7:51 PM # 
Yup, took them a bit, but they called me.

Less good news than the x-ray - kneecap is clearly not tracking straight when I move, whereas the snapshot of the not-moving kneecap is fine. So, it's worn a fissure in the cartilage. I can stop boasting about having good cartilage, now, I guess, and all the old wives tales about running being bad for you are true. Though I suspect it's skiing that really did it, since I can actually see the knee tracking badly when I do video review.

To me that sounds terrifying, but the doctor repeated a couple times that it was actually fine, and I just needed to let the swelling go down (there is swelling in the bone, too), and then resume activities much more slowly than I have in the past. She repeated that she's found no evidence in the literature that running on a knee like this will cause earlier osteoarthritis, so basically, keep living life.

But the key thing is to try and fix my biomechanics with PT. My physical therapist was excited to have this challenge - when I just do a squat or whatever exercise they want me to do, everything is hunky dory. But clearly I'm not accessing that strength when moving, so need to work on functional strength, and engaging things. And fixing the damn ankle, which is really the root of the problem, because it's too weak.

I still don't have an answer as to why my knee suddenly got swollen on March 14th. That'll probably bug me the rest of my life.
May 24, 2018 12:36 PM # 
BUT - it's probably long term good that your knee did that, because now you have all this helpful info!
May 24, 2018 5:31 PM # 
Might be worth looking at the data? From what I can tell, you logged 309 hours from 10/1-3/31, 51.5 hours per month. You haven't done anything close to that since 2012 (and were only over that in 2009). It might be a lot of use, combined with not getting any sleep around 3/14 that could have led to your body saying "Alex needs to learn a lesson. What can we attack? Oh look there's a nice happy knee. Die, Alex's knee!"

OTOH you put on a hell of a Ski-O world cup …
May 25, 2018 1:46 PM # 
Becky, that is a super positive way of looking at things. I will do that!

Ari, you prompted me to go back and tally things up. March is too variable a month, so I looked at data from october - end of february instead to get a sense of ski season. 13% increase this winter compared to previous five years, which is totally within a "safe" increase range/normal fluctuation given snow conditions, illness, etc. The thing that is different is that this past winter I did run ~20 hours more than the last five years. So it's possible that the extra running set the stage for the world cup to hammer the final blow.

That world cup absolutely shattered my body. No doubt about that. But I don't think the data support the lead-up being any worse/different than previous years.

Sometimes I just wish that my body would act like normal peoples' bodies and get sick as a warning that I'm doing too much rather than get injured.

If the kneecap-tracking issue is more of an issue skiing than running, the early days of the world cup where it was icy and fast would have been the worst, because those are the conditions that hurt me the most, and I think the weekend before would also have been bad. Running has never really hurt my knee the way skating on ice does. Ari, can you remember when we went for that classic ski on Sunday after the WCup if I was complaining about my knee hurting at all from skating?

I think I remember my knee hurting the weekend before it all started, when Andy and I went on that skate ski with Rob and Kathy, but no mention in training log.

YearHoursski hoursrun hours
May 25, 2018 10:52 PM # 
I don't recall you mentioning a sore knee the weekend before the chaos, and we drove the whole way back together. I just remember you raving about the "health food" store ;-)

Could it have been caused by the shoveling expedition, running on the ice, as I seem to recall you wiping out behind Ollie's house?

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