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Discussion: Injuries

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May 24, 2018 1:27 PM # 
Really sorry to hear about the rib...don't know if it's worse getting a leg injury or a freak fall with a bad landing. I've injured my ribs about 4 or 5 times over the years and never knew if I had a broken one or badly bruised but it took about 2 weeks to get over. Breathing and twisting (such as getting in and out of a car or chair) was a challenge.

I'm not tripping over my toes and curbs and raised areas of sidewalk like I was for awhile...but after I pancaked my face in the dark I really was fearful of falling and I think that influenced me to switch to running right after work instead of messing around until 9, 10 or 11 pm. It helped me run more and faster...and it was nice to be done with the workout much earlier.

It got to where when I tripped after that pancaking almost every time I tripped after that somehow, someway I managed to not go down because I was afraid of something bad what happened to you.
May 24, 2018 1:36 PM # 
I'm abandoning racing and especially marathons for the foreseeable future. Every year about March I start getting caught up in marathon fever because of our Memorial Marathon end of April and Grandma's in June...dreaming of running one last decent 26 miler at least under 3:45 if not under 3:30 but I cannot train enough to make that feasible so either I just walk/jog/trot a 4:30 marathon just to finish or give up. Maybe someday I'll want to finish one more time and won't care if it takes 4:30 or not but right now that is not very motivating.

If I even race I don't even want to think in terms of 10k's or half would be 5k's and maybe only time trial for personal satisfaction. I do not need to do consecutive weeks of a long run of more than 8 miles. I also should not have nearly doubled my Tuesday workout in such a short time. I did it because that YMCA Trail motivated me and I ran it pretty good first few times but once I went to 3 laps 8.4 miles every week I ran slower. Should have stayed at 5.5 to 7 at most.

I'm tired of a new ache or pain popping up. My right leg workouts backfired on me yesterday. After feeling much better day by day since Sat yesterday my knee got stiff and tweaky again. I just want to be able to walk and do some running even if its mostly 2 to 4 milers...maybe I can pick up the pace.

If the knee keeps feeling like there's liquid on the knee I probably will go to a orthopedic doc next week...for now I'm cutting back to 3 miles or less and no ankle weights on right leg to help it 'catch up' to the left leg. Once I'm ok I do want to experiment with trying to strengthen the right leg and see if that helps balance out my stride and with the leg lift. I am almost dragging the foot at used to make fun of my panting when I went up Mesabi Ave...the shoe scraping would probably drive you crazy now :).

Get well!!!!!
May 24, 2018 7:19 PM # 
What is COOGS? I never caught on that it was a trail after all this time, but I can't figure the acronym out. I had assumed you were on some rough, hilly terrain and caught a toe on a rock or tree root for some reason that now I don't even understand where that thought came from.
May 25, 2018 11:37 AM # 
Hope things are better.

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