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Discussion: 63 today

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Sep 10, 2018 9:27 PM # 
Sep 10, 2018 9:28 PM # 
Hard to believe and for once I have nothing sarcastic or humorous to rushes on.
Sep 10, 2018 9:32 PM # 
I remember when a friend turned 64 a few years ago and had a Beatles-themed party. I thought that was SOO old.
Sep 11, 2018 12:15 PM # 
It's nothing new for each generation to age and be confronted with the emotional and physical realities of time and life; however, you still have to own your own life and time period. Take celebrities. Some die young like Pre or James Dean and others die old. Some of the one's dying you may not have even cared for all that much...and then they died and strangely enough in some cases I kinda 'miss' them or perhaps appreciate them a little more.

Movies are not that old. I remember movie stars and movies that I thought were ancient when I was a kid and now I see movies like Star Wars and Rocky that are older than those movies were. Even more 'disturbing' or eye-opening is that even movies and events from late 80's and early 90's are starting to seem old in our society.

I think of my time in Duluth and how my life events in the earlier 60's, before we moved to Duluth in 69, seemed old to me then and now I realize just how 'recent' those events actually were. Koski you may not remember, but when I look back WWI was actually mentioned a lot in those days. It is now longer by 20 years or more since WWII and when we were in HS those WWII vets were mostly younger than we are now by a decade and I thought of them as old as a Civil War vet in some ways.

I remember when I first heard of a veteran that had served in WWII, Korean AND Viet Nam and did not see how that was possible, but if you were early 20's in WWII then you would be 40-45 during Viet Nam so it was easily possible.

I actually thought in terms of this even as a kid, but there was no way I could truly appreciate what time and aging would come to mean to me. The country cemetery of Warren, OK (pop probably 100) is full of headstones of relatives and people I knew only by name when they were alive and not by name AND face...but when I see a headstone with certain names on them I cannot even recall specific stories my parents and grandparents told that included that person whose headstone I'm looking at, but the name still means something from me because it's part of my life.

The point about celebrities is that some faded away before we were born and made comebacks of a sort when they were old. To the new generation they were famous for their recent life not what they did earlier. There are so many channels, networks, Netflix type sources that are making really good (and horrible too) things to watch that have a relatively small audience yet to that audience those actors are 'famous'.

Look at Ron Clarke and Zatopek. All the effort put into racing and then they got old and their records were broken. Clarke's times have held up and Zatopek is not bad, but the women are close to catching Zatopek now...of course they have better tracks and shoes and better understanding of training...I have no doubt he could run much faster then he did if you dropped him into the present time but still time marches on.

I still think you should 'go for it' on some scale even if not earth-shattering or history making, in something you find lights a spark in you...even if it's just being respected for working and raising a family. We did something with our 1000 mile summer. Those miles for HS will always be far above the average kid running and training. We gave it a great shot. I'm proud of the times I ran and know I really did push my abilities further than the average person. I'm astounded that I was able to work 31 years at the same job and also at some of the times I ran. Ironically I cannot even remember my exact times for the marathon anymore.

I still do remember running a 2 mile race spring of 1972 at Cloquet in 10:35 and it might as well have been and how that seemed to shock a few people, especially Dave Kunz. I admit I had to get the ole 71-72 year book out for that name, but he ran up to me after I finished and told me I had run 10:35 and his reaction was as if I had broken the world record. It was about 40 to 45 second improvement where I left off the year before. That was a lifetime memory...even if it's faded some.

Okay I'll have the sad violin music stopped and go back to drinking my coffee.
Sep 15, 2018 8:12 PM # 
Sadly, Dave died a year or two ago. Maybe of alcohol-related illness. I never knew him to drink heavily, but later heard that he did, esp after his divorce.
One day I came up the driveway of my place in clover valley--a 1/4 mile long driveway-- and saw a pickup truck with a ladder on the bed of it going into my apple trees. I got all in a rage at the sight of this intruder. Then the guy came down and i t was Dave. He claimed I had invited him to help himself to apples, years before, and he'd taken me up on it every year. I must've been inebriated when I said that :)
Anyway, we laughed and had a beer together.
Sep 16, 2018 12:27 PM # 
My first drafts are horrible Koski. I'm talking about stuff like what is above, but also referring to my infamous book. I'm about 15 paragraphs into editing it...the book... that I've not finished and may never finish. I swear I read what I've writing and cannot believe how much I jump around within a sentence. I also leave out words that I thought and intended to write, but didn't.

Instead of writing more I've hardly written except for a little last Oct. For about 3 plus years I wrote mostly in the morning and it was a stress reliever for me BEFORE work. The last year I slowed down and began to realize I was forgetting characters and my plot twists and other facts and the book was just so long I had no way of quickly finding and verifying events I needed to refer back to in my story.

I thought I would just pick things up and press on but I decided maybe I should read for 'research' (dodging the failing memory truth there) and try to edit things the best I could. When I sent you my first 1000 pages it was pretty easy to tell you were disappointed, unimpressed, etc. I went back and read and edited about 25 pages at one point and thought I was doing a good job with my limited vocabulary and grammatical skills but I when I read my editing I still found horrible mistakes I just could not fix.
Sep 16, 2018 12:31 PM # 
I googled Dave Kunz and found his obituary. It was simple and powerful. He loved his kids and did everything for them. He was born March 19,1956 and died April 19, 2016...60 years and 1 month old. He was a carpenter among other things. I can barely use glue and a hammer...and all you Duluthians seem to be master carpenters.
Sep 16, 2018 3:15 PM # 
I'm a terrible snob. I simply cannot read even "good" writing (commercial) without getting annoyed.
Sep 16, 2018 4:05 PM # 
I wished I could disagree but after you so rudely dismissed my epic novel I must agree with you 111%...but as I said after reading and rereading I can understand the pain even a page or two would have caused you.

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