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Discussion: Question to Bendigo readers

in: PrueD; PrueD > 2019-01-15

Jan 14, 2019 11:10 PM # 
Uncle JiM:
Has to be out at the Flat and within 2.5 k of Crusoe Res
Jan 14, 2019 11:39 PM # 
Crusoe Heights somewhere.
Jan 14, 2019 11:51 PM # 
Big Hill?
Jan 14, 2019 11:55 PM # 
Jim and Louise are close. 4/22 Yarunga Drive (a bit fire prone, but close to the bush should l need it) and not too far from shops etc. Needs quite a bit of TLC.
Jan 15, 2019 12:09 AM # 
Uncle JiM:
I did consider Yarunga Drive or Lowe Street as that is one steep loop
Jan 15, 2019 12:22 AM # 
*goes and looks on streetview...
Jan 15, 2019 12:30 AM # 
...of course l walk up the hill in this heat :)
Jan 15, 2019 1:15 AM # 
Haha, that's almost exactly where I had you. We've had events in there. :-p
Jan 15, 2019 1:38 AM # 
It's not the best part of B, but the unit ticked all my boxes, and l think l was suffering buyer's fatigue. The photos were from the previous time it sold and it has become run down since then. It's been vacant for a year since the previous owner died (not there, l'm told).
Being in the proximity of several O maps was a box that needed ticking:)
Jan 15, 2019 1:59 AM # 
And of course, you have perfect weather for renovating. *snort!*

How's the water level in Crusoe? It was pretty dismal a few weeks ago...
Jan 15, 2019 9:52 AM # 
I was thinking the humpy uphill from Crusoe Res.
Seeking renters interested in the proximity of O maps? Small market.
Jan 15, 2019 10:06 AM # 
Hopefully there are some Kangaroo Flat people seeking peace and quiet.
Jan 15, 2019 10:11 AM # 
Flat rat ;)

On another note, would you be interested in a cast off pair of my ankle braces? I think they have a bit of life left in them yet, but they don't really agree with my ankles.
Jan 15, 2019 10:16 AM # 
That's a funny offer! Sorry to hear that. Are you selling them?
Jan 15, 2019 10:25 AM # 
I handed out flyers (and later scrutineered) at the Kangaroo Flat booth for the republic referendum - the Yes campaign had more than enough people in the city so were keen for people willing to head out of town. Something of a culture shock.

Most memorable moment was in the scrutineering - there was another question to insert a preamble to the Constitution and someone had written on their ballot paper for that one: "Stick It Up John Howard's Arse". Amidst much amusement, the returning officer ruled that this was a valid "no" vote as the voter's intent was clear.
Jan 15, 2019 10:32 AM # 
Nah, I'm happy enough to just get rid of them to give me the incentive to actually buy some new ones!
Jan 15, 2019 10:36 AM # 
OK. Message received. Over.
I won't be living here, but could if l had to. I'm just out to raise revenue from the Flat locals. But l'm going to be a bit fussy who l rent to - no brothels (like what used to be conducted from unit 2, or so l am told, before they changed the body corporate rules to 'no businesses to be run from here').
Jan 15, 2019 10:39 AM # 
That was not in regard to ankle braces - l will take them off your hands ( or feet) if you don't want them. Thank you.
Jan 15, 2019 10:49 AM # 
Cool, I'll bring them to the next event I make it to :)
Jan 16, 2019 12:17 AM # 
Clara did you remove those ankle braces with a chisel like the bloke apprehended at Tin Mine Huts?
Jan 16, 2019 8:46 AM # 
No, Neil!!
Jan 17, 2019 10:12 AM # 
This is a VERY strange thread! (keep hydrated Prue)
Jan 19, 2019 8:32 AM # 
Well I think I'm the last of your Bendigo friends to learn that you now have a local property. Not one of them told me, and my reading of posts in ap is irregular. I'm sad you've decided to not live here, but I do understand this if it's based on the summer temperatures we have to endure....

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