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Discussion: Crazy, right?

in: BorisGr; BorisGr > 2019-02-06

Feb 6, 2019 4:03 PM # 
I did see this. Here's Olav's explanation:
Feb 6, 2019 4:36 PM # 
His response is #47, way back in the thread. Well said.
Feb 6, 2019 5:38 PM # 
Agreed, I thought it was very well articulated. Especially the part where Gustav saying "Everyone jump on the Olav train!" as they passed runners in the woods is going a bit too far.
Feb 6, 2019 6:47 PM # 
Does everyone on Attackpoint speak fluent Norwegian?!
Feb 6, 2019 7:01 PM # 
I read the original, then tried google translate, got most of it the first time round but brain hurt much less the second.

Feb 6, 2019 7:05 PM # 
GT did it for me once I figured out “hanging”.

Maybe not everyone on AP speaks fluent Scandi, but Boris’ sophisticated followers do...must go on Duolingo.
Feb 6, 2019 10:35 PM # 
I was going to make a joke about Olav’s dialect and people comprehending it but I am not Norwegian enough to make such jokes.
Feb 7, 2019 5:04 AM # 
Having seen the fracas and being not fluent in Norwegian I'm guessing some words were spoken on the course. Bergman did some sledging to Street during the relay in the summer if I remember correctly.
Feb 7, 2019 10:17 PM # 
I read it via Google Translate, too, and found it fascinating. You can use this link if you want to go directly to the Google Translate version of Olav's post, which at the moment at least, has been pushed back to page 4 by posts subsequent to when Gswede posted his link.

Some of Google's translations are pretty amusing and/or confusing. For example, many posters refer to Olav Lundanes as "OL", but Google translates "OL" as "Olympics". (Since German is the only other language I have any slight ability with other than English--my cursory dabbling in Finnish doesn't count, yet--for a brief moment I thought Norwegians for some odd reason used the same shorthand as the Germans for our sport, OL=orientierungslaufen.) "Hanging" is "following".

Bergman's post is #20 (lower down on p4), wherein he gives his excuse / explanation, and says he won't be posting again.

Lundanes' response is, as Christina noted, #47. He is not buying Bergman's explanation, to put it mildly. He closes with a slag on IOF for dumbing down orienteering, sounding rather like our friend Stalas here on AttackPoint.

Then Bergman posts again at #95 (top of page 3 at the moment). Basically, that calling out "join the Olav train!" to other orienteers was just a joke.

Olav hasn't responded further, but the other posters, in general, aren't kind to Bergman or his posts. Reference is made to the sort of thing Guisborough1 mentioned ("Bergman ... sledging ... during the relay").

Much other discussion on the thread about forking, following, ranking, training ... who'd a thunk it, Norwegian orienteers posting in a Norwegian forum are a lot like us English-speakers posting on AP! Admitting my parochial naïveté, I guess.

As someone who is not much of a follower of top level orienteering (I certainly knew about Lundanes, largely through having spectated in person at WOC 2017, but I could hardly even name another orienteer in the range between Lundanes and, say, Gswede). What I am getting at is that I had no preconceptions whatsoever about Bergman before today, and now I have quite a negative perception. I do wonder what the flavor of the discussion would have been had this been, say, a Swedish forum rather than a Norwegian one.

Edit: Or am I further showing my naïveté by assuming that the forum is Norwegian? The .nu domain suggests it's from the Pacific island country of Niue. Wikipedia tells me .nu is popular in Scandinavia and the Low Countries.
Feb 7, 2019 10:45 PM # 
It’s a Swedish forum and most of the comments are in Swedish. The easy tell if it all looks like gibberish is the presence of ä and ö instead of æ and ø.
Feb 8, 2019 9:18 AM # 
I was overtaken by Bergman once (at an indoor-o) and he looked more cuddly teddy bear than vicious assassin. But you never can tell.
Feb 8, 2019 1:31 PM # 
Teddy bears make the best assassins, everyone doubts themselves when they see the signs.
Feb 8, 2019 10:35 PM # 
I don't know any of the people in that video, and it took several views to see the dirt tossing (and I'm still not 100% sure I saw it).

What I thought I saw was the tosser sitting on the ground, when the tossee approached him, and appeared to touch him on the shoulder; at which point the tosser responded angrily, verbally at first, then grabbed some dirt and threw it.

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