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Discussion: Cholla = jumping cactus?

in: Cristina; Cristina > 2019-02-23

Feb 27, 2019 7:49 AM # 
Sounds painful :(
I am impressed at all the work you and others have put in to make a week of orienteering races manifest in the desert - without a regular club there, right?
Feb 27, 2019 1:44 PM # 
Yes, these guys. I slammed a couple of them into my left forearm (not sure how I didn't get them stuck on the right in the process) and used most of a sketchy contouring leg yanking on my shirt (I was wearing long sleeves) to pop the spines out. Once I finally got the whole jumble free it feel onto the top of my foot, requiring additional extrication. After all that I was completely unsure of where I was and figured I would have to relocate on the road after the control, but apparently I did a good job keeping my elevation because the control appeared right in front of me after the next rise. It was a reward for having to deal with cholla, I think!
Feb 27, 2019 1:50 PM # 
As for the SWSW, there actually is a club in Tucson, it's just struggling a bit (lot) now. When I first arrived in Arizona 17 years ago there was a small but active group that made sure to have an event, somewhere, of some format, on the third Sunday of every month. Over the years the same people have stayed involved but nobody new has joined up, people have moved away, and the events schedule has almost disappeared. There were zero events between last year's SWSW and this year's. After a meeting last week there's now a plan to hold at least five more events over the course of the year, before SWSW 2020, so there is some hope for revitalizing the club. I can't wait to move back there and really get things going -- there's so much great terrain and a community with many more potential active orienteers.
Feb 27, 2019 7:00 PM # 
...fell onto the top of your foot...

oh dear. I would've lost my mind at that point, to say nothing of my sense of where I was. What are the chances? Kind of like bread always falling butter-side down, I suppose...
Mar 1, 2019 2:51 AM # 
Glen had some cholla accidentally transfer from a hand to his chin last year at Needle Vista. He finally managed to get most of it off using his map/case, and
I got the rest of the needles out with tweezers when he returned.
Mar 1, 2019 3:08 AM # 
Urgh - think I'd rather go rogaining in spinifex country!
Mar 1, 2019 9:32 AM # 
You’re moving back to AZ?
Mar 1, 2019 11:02 AM # 
Some day! We have to spend a little more time here but we both seem pretty comfortable with the idea of ending up in Tucson.

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