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Discussion: Results from Junior Nationals

in: QOC Junior Nationals (Apr 13–14, 2019 - Stafford, VA, US)

Apr 13, 2019 11:08 PM # 
Valerie is working on getting the middle course results finalized. In the meantime, relay results!
Apr 13, 2019 11:26 PM # 
Day 1 Results by Courses.
Apr 13, 2019 11:29 PM # 
Day 1 Results by Classes
Apr 13, 2019 11:49 PM # 
Junior National Team final
Apr 13, 2019 11:52 PM # 
Junior National Individual final results. Part one of two.
Apr 13, 2019 11:52 PM # 
Junior National Individual final results. Part two of two.
Apr 13, 2019 11:55 PM # 
Sandy, results by course is broken
Apr 14, 2019 12:13 AM # 
Oops. Fixed.
Apr 14, 2019 1:39 AM # 
How about maps?
Apr 14, 2019 10:03 AM # 
Here's the blue, green. And to relay maps.
Apr 14, 2019 10:51 PM # 
Day 2 Results by Courses.
Apr 14, 2019 10:53 PM # 
Day 2 Results by Classes
Apr 14, 2019 10:55 PM # 
Overall Results by Courses.
Apr 14, 2019 10:56 PM # 
Overall Results by Classes.
Apr 14, 2019 11:41 PM # 
Above links for Junior National Individual and Team results have been updated for final results.
Apr 15, 2019 12:20 AM # 
RouteGadget for the weekend.
Apr 15, 2019 12:29 AM # 
Middle splits by Classes

Middle splits by Courses

Long splits by Classes

Long splits by Courses
Apr 15, 2019 6:16 PM # 
Sandy & Valerie -- THANK YOU for posting the results so quickly! And thank you to all the other meet volunteers; it was a great event.
Apr 15, 2019 8:00 PM # 
Hear, hear! Yes, indeed, great weekend. Takes a weekend like this to get to see my youngest these days :) Thank you to all volunteers.
Apr 16, 2019 10:44 AM # 
Having field checked the terrain, and having been Sid’s course consultant, the results of blue legs 3, 5 and 11 interested me (see routegadget) - long legs with complications.

#3 involved crossing the creek and dealing with an old worn down quarry with set routes (roped) used for training. Although there were several variations of crossing the creek, everyone seemed to end up on the same trail as an attack point. Greg cut the corner more sharply, and prior to the quarry had the best route in my estimation. After, he took the steeper, more direct route, which may have been a slight looser. No one tried the quarry in this direction, so we can’t tell if that would have provided any advantage.

#5 started deep behind the quarry. Sam and Jordan took the left route which seemed to have the least climb - without the out of bounds, even further left might have been an improvement on that. Ken tried the quarry here. I don’t know if the quarry was an issue or if his positioning in the terrain leaving the quarry was an issue, but it would be interesting to know his opinion of dealing with the quarry.

#11 was wide open with possibilities - where to cross the stream, climb vs. distance and even the roads around, left (Greg) or right. Greg had the fastest time even with approximately 600m extra distance (and some more climb than the road around to the right, although with similar extra distance). Sam and Ken started more or less in the the direction of the best route (in my estimation) but fell for the trap of the trail. No one tried the nice woods by skirting #15, following ride and trail back through the start, and straightforward orienteering from there - less distance and(or) climb.

COURSE SETTERS, running brown now, I miss these sort of complications as a competitor.

Apr 16, 2019 11:24 AM # 
Running through the quarry to #5 was slower than I expected due to the steepness up and down (I used the fixed rope on the way down!) and then again in the rocky stuff at the far end...I immediately regretted it. And then I gave up more time by not heading straight towards the control from there. AP says about 90s lost.
Apr 16, 2019 11:49 AM # 
From my experience so far I have a rule to always stay clear of an old quarries. They tend to be much slower. It may have been different on the ground, but the map does not show that.
Apr 16, 2019 2:19 PM # 
Echoing Francis:

Dear Course Designers, on a Brown Long course, throw in at least one long (750m to 1000m) leg with multiple route choices, even if you have to cut the total # controls. Someone else mentioned that leaving out #2 and giving us a leg from #1-#3 would have been a great design.

That said, I'm thankful I had the opportunity to run again in the beautiful Quantico woods (emerging greenbriar notwithstanding). Thank you, QOC!!
Apr 16, 2019 3:54 PM # 
I went through the quarry both times. It was a poor choice both times :)

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