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Discussion: Sick...Heat or food poisoning? Cemetery and other thoughts.

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May 17, 2019 12:45 PM # 
I mowed, edged and put some fertilizer down in afternoon...about 5:30 I started to get one of my 'heat-stroke' headaches. I started drinking water and gatorade, etc right after I finished running so I was a little at a loss why I felt so bad other than it was the first day I did so much in 80's weather, after cooler weather.

I got sick later and lost what little food I had eaten...oddly it was mostly radishes, celery, asparagus and half a peanut-butter 'looked' like all that was left was what I 'interpreted' to be radish remains so I tossed our radishes after reading up that yes radishes can be bad sometimes. The radishes did look a little funky. It took until nearly 10 to get to feeling halfway normal...and that was it...halfway only. Still tired weak.
May 17, 2019 10:24 PM # 
(The only quote I remember from your dad... circa 197?
May 18, 2019 2:29 AM # 
Everything's bad for you these days. Chrissy just jumped me because the yogurt I bought had sucralose in it. I'm reading more labels these days but I figured if you were buying a so-called healthy yogurt by a company claiming to be looking out for you it wouldn't have cancer causing products in it. One won't kill me.

I think its the weed killer...RoundUp. I always thought that something poisonous was bad for you but apparently people were ingesting it and rolling around in their yards after spraying it.

It's kinda funny-sad and I never thought I would see this but once my dad's health and mobility reached a certain lower level he just up and gave up on farming...I thought he would die with a bale of hay in his hands or at least in his pickup bed.

Hope the hip is healing...without being too presumptuous about my knowledge of these things I would at least encourage you to google exercises to strengthen the hips. Meanwhile I have a new ache or pain everyday myself. I bought more radishes that look just as scumy as the other ones's.
May 18, 2019 12:06 PM # 
I had forgotten about YOU quoting my dad about fertilizer...even reading the above it kinda sat in my mind before the doors in the back dark unused area of my mind began to open up and let the memory escape.
May 18, 2019 12:13 PM # 
You feel old when the cemetery is full of all the people that were old when your parents were old and most of their friends are there too and YOU are the age of the old people when your parents were young. The little country cemetery of Warren has really filled up. All my grandparents, my brother, and all kinds of people that I knew to some degree.

Someone even donated land so it could be expanded. There are headstones you can barely read and the oldest birth year is past 1850 but I can't remember for sure what it may be in the 1830's! Next to my mom's dads' parents is a grave stone for Sallie Bush (my mom's name is Sally different spelling). All these years I did not know that it was the mother of my great grandpa so she's my great-great grandmother and James great-great-great grandmother. Heewweee that is going back.

It gets spooky and weird but all the people buried there went to funerals their whole lives and saw other people buried there over the decades. Life is sure sad, wonderful, exhilarating and testing to name a few characteristics.

Jeez it's 37 up there right now. Koski that is NOT normal in any year for's May 18th. Crap we have yet another SERIES of thunderstorms lined up through Thursday. We might dodge a bullet and it rain only once or twice or it could rain 3-4 more times. The ground just got dry.
May 18, 2019 12:20 PM # 
I am still tired.

My new chiropractor was busy Thursday so a older woman that had retired and decided to 'come back' cracked my bones. She was concerned with a big old blood vein on my right lower shin area as if that might have something to do with my weird stride problems. I don't agree but she was not a fan of the dermatologist I go to. She told me she stopped referring her patients to him if she saw a possible skin issue because 'he had missed a couple of things'. She gave me a name of someone that is on our Aetna plan she likes and Chrissy will go to him as she has a small little spot on her lower leg that needs to at least be looked at.

Not working and I feel rushed at times. It's not the same as working and dealing with life but man oh man I"m going to, dermatologist, chiropractors and family docs left and right this year.

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