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Discussion: Sorry about your LB

in: Charlie; Charlie > 2019-07-15

Jul 16, 2019 11:25 AM # 
Sorry to hear about your lower back. Your spasm should heal in a four days or so.
You had asked for my set of lower back exercises some time ago.
I have done these almost daily to rehab from a herniated L4 disk. Nowadays I do them about 3 times a week for general strength and muscle control maintenance.


Also for "mind control" to be able to fire the right muscles for any workout that stresses your LB.

(thanks to Martin Langaas, owner/founder IOMT, Burlington, MA)

Core Engagement = pull in belly button, but relax all other muscles and breath normally - hold for 10 seconds.

Core Engagement Plus: Do Core Engagement and "hold your pee" ; all else relaxed - hold for 10 seconds.

Do Core Engagement Plus 5+ times before you do heavy lifting, before you get up out of bed in the morning, etc. It protects your lower back. Do any lifting and bending down ALWAYS IN A SQUAT POSITION (the Olympian weight-lifter).

Also: Be nice to your LB! I use a Touch-Couch for sitting (about 90% of the time: car, desk, hard restaurant chairs,..)

SET OF 4 EXERCISES - < 10 minutes, do daily for rehab, then about 3 times/week for maintenance

EX 1: "BRIDGE": Isolating and (brain) controlling the constitutent muscles that hold your LB up.
Use a Yoga mat so you don't slip; use 28inch circumference Thera band. (I use the grey)

Lay on your back, legs comfortably angled up, band just below your knees.
Do the following in sequence, then hold for 10 seconds, then release in reverse sequence:
1) core engagement
2) push feet away from core, without moving them (push into the floor)
3) lift up groin into a bridge - don't go too high, don't exagerate this move.
4) pull knees apart

All four parts should be equally engaged and in balance. Hold for 10 seconds - do 10 repeats.

Lie on your side with legs angled. Use theraband 22 inch circumference just below knees. (I use the 28 inch, and just
fold it and press it down with my to-the-floor knee.
1) Engage core,
2) Pull upper knee up. Relax everything else. Hold for 10 seconds. To 6+ repeats on each side.

Have 28 inch theraband halfway between knees and ankles.
With relaxed knees, core engaged, do about 7 side steps - almost shuffling along so that your inner/outer thighs are
continuously engaged; then quick release and change direction. Do about 7 repeats until your legs get heavy from it.

Do these very carefully. Make sure your entire body is relaxed. No multitasking!
Put a big pillow on a chair that is behind you.
Core engage, then squat down until your butt touches the pillow. Make sure your upper body is ABOVE your knees,
not behind them. If done right, these are also a great knee warm-up before running, skiing etc.
Jul 16, 2019 1:59 PM # 
Thanks, Ernst. These are generally familiar to me, although I haven't been using the theraband in quite a while and it is a good one to add. I have a series of exercises I have been doing daily since November and things have been better for me. I think just too much prolonged sitting, combined with the stress of several races threw me over the edge, but already things are much better. Good back maintenance is critically important!

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